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ea0081ep971 | Thyroid | ECE2022

Hypovitaminosis D and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis: effects of four-month supplementation therapy with oral cholecalciferol

Villa Alice , schiavo anna , Volpe Maria Gabriella , Sansone Andrea , Romanelli Francesco

Background: Hypovitaminosis D represents at present a worldwide public health problem. Recent studies have demonstrated the pleiotropic effects of vitamin D, in addition to its known actions on calcium-phosphorus metabolism. Among the several non-skeletal effects, a potential anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory action has been suggested. Vitamin D deficiency has been reported in several chronic conditions associated with increased inflammation and deregulation of the immune...

ea0041ep957 | Steroid metabolism + action | ECE2016

Similarity and differences of maximal and sub-maximal endurance exercise in increase the serum testosterone and DHT concentrations in healthy males

Sgro Paolo , Sansone Massimiliano , Romanelli Francesco , Lenzi Andrea , Bianchini Serena , Luigi Luigi Di

Introduction: Physical exercise exerts several effects on endocrinological homeostasis and, in particular, sprint exercise elicits the largest testosterone response per unit of work, while in response to prolonged endurance exercise testosterone levels will typically decline. In contrast to a large amount of paper about the modification of testosterone during physical exercise few study evaluated how DHT was influenced by a single bout of aerobic exercise.<p class="abstext...

ea0063p324 | Reproductive Endocrinology 1 | ECE2019

Monitoring testosterone gel administration: timing and dosage

Sansone Andrea , Sansone Massimiliano , Selleri Raffaella , Seraceno Silvia , Scipione Valeria , Sellasie Sium Wolde , Schiavo Anna , Lenzi Andrea , Romanelli Francesco

Background: Many testosterone (T) formulations are now available for treating male hypogonadism. Intramuscular injectable T esters and transdermal T gel are the most commonly used in clinical practice. Transdermal T gel is often preferred by patients due to ease of use and reduced fluctuations in serum T compared to injectable esters. A daily dosage of 20 mg – 80 mg mimicking circadian profile is recommended to adequately treat hypogonadal men.Aim: ...

ea0016p11 | Adrenal | ECE2008

Phosphodiesterase inhibitors and adrenal response to exercise-related stress

Sgro Paolo , Gallotta Maria Chiara , Emerenziani Gian Pietro , Fierro Valentina , Guidetti Laura , Baldari Carlo , Romanelli Francesco , Lenzi Andrea , Di Luigi Luigi

Worldwide numerous active individuals take phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors (PDE-5i), furthermore, to our knowledge, the effects of these drugs on hormone secretion has not been adequately investigated. In particular, considering that a) PDE-5i influence NO bioavailability, b) NO is one of the mediators of the hypothalamus–pituitary–adrenal (HPA) axis response to stress, and, c) physical exercise-related stress activate HPA axis, we investigated whether PDE-5i inf...

ea0063p327 | Reproductive Endocrinology 1 | ECE2019

Effects of percutaneous treatment of left varicocele on spermatogenetic and endocrine function of the testis: results from a 12-month follow-up

Sansone Andrea , Fegatelli Danilo Alunni , Pozza Carlotta , Fattorini Giorgio , Lauretta Rosa , Minnetti Marianna , Carlomagno Francesco , Petrozzi Alessandra , Radicioni Antonio Francesco , Anzuini Antonella , Romanelli Francesco , Lombardo Francesco , Paoli Donatella , Isidori Andrea M , Lenzi Andrea , Gianfrilli Daniele

Background: Varicocele repair is often suggested to improve reproductive outcomes, but there is no clear indications on which subjects are more likely to benefit from treatment. We assessed spermatogenetic and endocrine function of the testis in a population of young subjects with a 12-month follow-up following percutaneous treatment.Methods: We retrospectively reviewed data from 77 young patients (mean age 23.3 years, range 18–35) followed in our c...

ea0049gp33 | Bone & Calcium Homeostasis 1 | ECE2017

“Hyperparanet”: a multicenter Italian study on Primary Hyperparathyroidism

Saponaro Federica , Cetani Filomena , Camozzi Valentina , D'Angelo Antonella , Minisola Salvatore , Scillitani Alfredo , Cipri Claudia , Palmieri Serena , Chiodini Iacopo , Romanelli Francesco , Madeo Bruno , Castellano Elena , Gianotti Laura , Faggiano Antongiulio , Cianferotti Luisella , Brandi Maria Luisa , Corbetta Sabrina , De Feo Maria Laura , Palermo Andrea , Marcocci Claudio

The aim of the present study was to evaluate the phenotype of PHPT, the adherence to International Guidelines and the rate of surgical cure of PHPT in Italy. From January 2014–January 2016, we conducted a prospective, multicenter (n=29 endocrine tertiary referral centers) study on patients with PHPT, recording clinical and biochemical data, parathyroid imaging and therapy choice at baseline and at last follow-up. The study group included 604 patients with PHPT, w...