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ea0037oc11.5 | Obesity | ECE2015

Preliminary analysis of the PRIMAVERA Study: reduxine safety monitoring in patients with alimentary obesity

Dedov Ivan , Melnichenko Galina , Romantsova Tatiana , Zhuravleva Marina

Background: The SCOUT trial showed that sibutramine produced weight loss with some increased cardiovascular morbidity but not mortality. But these results should not be extrapolated to a routine practice as a lot of the SCOUT participants had contraindications for sibutramine. In order to summarise data on efficacy and safety of sibutramine administration in routine clinical practice according to approved indications and to implement risks monitoring system in Russia, PRIMAVER...

ea0014p656 | (1) | ECE2007

Reproductive health of women born to bromocriptine-treated mothers

Rashidova Evgenia , Kokolina Valentina , Romantsova Tatiana , Bobrov Alexej

A retrospective cohort study was undertaken using a reproductive health survey of 25 girls aged 14–27 years (Me 20,5 (16;23)) born to bromocriptine-treated mothers. The control group consisted of 25 women born after spontaneous pregnancy of the same age, mother age, region of residence. They were all seen in the clinic for health and psychological interviews (Multiscale Personality Assessment Test- MMPI). All of them were blood analysed for LG, FSG, prolactin, TSH, anti-T...

ea0070aep311 | Diabetes, Obesity, Metabolism and Nutrition | ECE2020

Study of the effect of sibutramine on central mechanisms of regulation of eating behavior in patients with obesity by means of fMRI. Preliminary results

Logvinova Oksana , Kuznetsova Polina , Tsvetkova Evdokiia , Kremneva Elena , Troshina Ekaterina , Romantsova Tatiana , Tanashyan Marine , Kornilova Anastasia , Kolpakova Evgenia

Introduction: Patient’s nutrition is generally considered to be the main cause of the accumulation of excess body weight. However, this accumulation can be mitigated by treatment involving drugs with a central mechanism of action. By using functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) we can meliorate our understanding of the organization of neuronal networks responsible for eating behavior, and see how they respond to the mechanisms of action of sibutramine in the treatm...