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ea0084op-10-50 | Oral Session 10: Young Investigators / Clinical and Translational | ETA2022

Outcomes of lenvatinib therapy in poorly differentiated thyroid carcinoma

Roque Joao , Silva Tiago , Leite Valeriano

Introduction and objectives: Poorly differentiated thyroid carcinoma (PDTC) is a rare but aggressive thyroid tumor. PDTC frequently presents in advanced stages and conventional treatments are usually less effective than in differentiated thyroid carcinoma (DTC). Lenvatinib is a multi-kinase inhibitor approved for the treatment of radioiodine-refractory DTC, with significant improvement in progression free survival. Despite the inclusion of a minority PDTC patients in SELECT tr...

ea0063p701 | Pituitary and Neuroendocrinology 2 | ECE2019

Acromegaly in a 29-year-old woman: restored fertility after surgery and radiosurgery

Roque Joao , Reis Dinis , Bugalho Maria Joao

Acromegaly is a rare condition and is frequently associated with infertility. There are very few reported cases of pregnancy in these patients, particularly after surgery and radiosurgery. This is a case of a 29-year-old woman with a 1-year history of nasal obstruction, headache and amenorrhea. She was mother of a 5-year-old child and was trying to get pregnant again, unsuccessfully. Clinical examination revealed coarsening of the facial features, hand and feet enlargement, hy...

ea0081p486 | Thyroid | ECE2022

Resistance to methimazole in a patient with Graves’ disease

Roque Joao , Costa Cristiana , Marques Pedro , Reis Dinis

Introduction: GravesÂ’ disease (GD) is caused by TSH receptor antibodies (TRAbs) which stimulate thyroid activity. Initial treatment usually relies on antithyroid drugs (ATDs), mainly methimazole, carbimazole or propylthiouracil (PTU). These drugs inhibit the enzyme thyroperoxidase, blocking the synthesis of T3 and T4. Definitive therapeutic options include radioactive iodine and total thyroidectomy which are usually reserved for patients who do not tolerate or respond to ...

ea0081p487 | Thyroid | ECE2022

Pazopanib-induced hypothyroidism in a patient with adrenal metastasis of renal cell carcinoma

Gomes da Costa Cristiana , Roque Joao , Reis Dinis

Introduction: Pazopanib is a tyrosine kinase inhibitor (TKI) considered to be a first-line treatment in adult patients with metastatic clear cell renal cell carcinoma (ccRCC). Thyroid dysfunction, namely hypothyroidism, is now recognized as being an important but potentially manageable side effect induced by such therapy. With this case we aimed to recall an endocrinological complication that can emerge during treatment with TKIs and highlight the importance of a thorough foll...

ea0081ep575 | Endocrine-Related Cancer | ECE2022

Somatostatin analogues in the treatment of metastatic paraganglioma

Roque Joao , Regala Catarina , Silva Tiago , Leite Valeriano

Introduction: Paraganglioma (PGL) is a neuroendocrine tumor derived from extra adrenal autonomic paraganglia with a germinal mutation rate of 30%. Metastatic paraganglioma (MPGL) can only be predicted after evidence of secondary lesions and it can occur in up to 50% of cases. Clinical course is remarkably variable, but 5-year overall survival is generally around 50%. Treatment options include surgical resection, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and 123I-MIBG. Being a neu...

ea0092ps3-29-04 | Treatment 2 | ETA2023

Effectiveness of lenvatinib in progressive metastatic radioiodine refractory well differentiated and poorly differentiated thyroid carcinoma

Nunes da Silva Tiago , Regala Catarina , Rodrigues Ricardo , Roque Joao , Damasio Ines , Cavaco Branca , Leite Valeriano

Introduction and objectives: Lenvatinib is the first line treatment for advanced radioiodine refractory (RAIR) differentiated thyroid carcinoma (DTC). Poorly differentiated thyroid carcinoma (PDTC) outcomes with Lenvatinib have only been subjected to sub analysis in one PHASE III study (SELECT), which might limit its real-world use in PDTC. We intend to compare the effectiveness of Lenvatinib in metastatic RAIR DTC and PDTC patients.Methods: Retrospectiv...