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ea0031p296 | Pituitary | SFEBES2013

Dissecting the prokineticin receptor dimerization interface: a role in kallmann sindrome?

Sposini Silvia , Hanyaloglu Aylin , Miele Rossella

Prokineticin receptors (PKR1 and PKR2) are GPCRs that belong to neuropeptide Y receptor class. They exert their biological functions binding two structurally related peptides (Bv8 or PK2 and EG-VEGF orr PK1). Intensive research over the past few years has shown that PKs/PKRs signalling modulates neuronal survival and neurogenesis, hypothalamic hormone secretion, nociception, circadian rhythm and complex behaviours, such as feeding and drinking. It also promotes angiogenesis in...