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ea0039ep8 | Adrenal | BSPED2015

Intravenous Etomidate in the management of hypercortisolaemia due to ectopic ACTH producing thymic neuroendocrine tumor

Arya Ved Bhushan , Irvine Vanessa , Rowlands Helen , Sykes Kim , Nicolin Gary , Drake William , Storr Helen , Davies Justin H

Background: Ectopic-ACTH syndrome (EAS) is an extremely rare cause of CushingÂ’s syndrome in young children. The intensity of ACTH secretion and hypercortisolaemia is greater in EAS than in CushingÂ’s disease. Control of hypercortisolaemia represents a key management step while awaiting localization of the ACTH source or in preparation to surgery. Etomidate inhibits cortisol synthesis and its rapid onset of action makes it an ideal medication in severe hypercortisolaem...