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ea0006s21 | The endocrinologist and bone | SFE2003

Parathyroid hormone in the treatment of osteoporosis: The Dawn of the anabolic era

Russell G

All of the new drugs that have been used or become available over the past decade for the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis are so-called “anti-resorptives”. These include bisphosphonates (etidronate, alendronate and risedronate), hormone replacement therapy, selective estrogen receptor modulators (raloxifene), and calcitonins. All reduce vertebral fracture risk and some reduce nonvertebral fracture risk, but there are obvious theoretical advantages to using...

ea0012p70 | Neuroendocrinology and behaviour | SFE2006

Development of an automated blood sampling system for undisturbed blood sampling in humans

Taheri S , Henley D , Leendertz J , Russell G , Lightman S

IntroductionThe secretion of multiple hormones occurs in both a circadian and an ultradian manner. Both animal and human studies have shown that cortisol has an ultradian rhythm. Variations in ultradian cortisol secretion may explain inter-individual variation in the stress response.ObjectiveWe have developed an automated blood sampling system (ABS) that allows undisturbed sampling of blood, thus reducing str...

ea0098b26 | Basic Science | NANETS2023

Cancer testis antigen and interleukin expression correlates with survival in small bowel neuroendocrine tumors

David Seo MD Y. , Witt MD, MAS Russell G. , Lazcano MD Rossana , MD Samuel Cass , Hudgens Courtney , Wani Khalida , Chelvanambi PhD Manoj , Johnson MS Sarah , Hernandez MD Sharia D. , Halperin MD Daniel M. , Lazar MD, PhD Alexander J. , Wargo MD, MMSc Jennifer A. , Estrella MD Jeannelyn S. , Maxwell MD, MBA Jessica E.

Background: Patients with small bowel neuroendocrine tumors (SBNETs) frequently present with metastatic disease, and unfortunately, the range and efficacy of available therapies is limited. Immunotherapeutic checkpoint inhibitors have demonstrated benefit in other malignancies and may also play a role in SBNETs, although relatively little is known about the immune infiltrate in these tumors. Toward a goal of developing novel immunomodulatory strategies, we sought to evaluate t...