Searchable abstracts of presentations at key conferences in endocrinology

ea0012s27 | AMPK systems | SFE2006

Role of AMP-activated kinase in the control of insulin secretion and satiety

Rutter G

Preservation of a functional pancreatic beta cell mass is essential for normal blood glucose homeostasis. The molecular mechanisms through which beta cells sense changes in blood glucose concentration and decode these as enhanced insulin release will be discussed. I shall describe evidence that AMP-activated protein kinase is a key part of this machinery, implicated both in the acute regulation of insulin and in the regulation of beta cell apoptosis. I shall also discuss the h...

ea0007p306 | Clinical practice | BES2004

Audit of thyroid surgery in a district general hospital

Srinivas|#Shankar U , Jordan T , Plant J , Movva R , Foster G , Rutter M , Ewins D , Worth R

Aim: To assess the outcome of thyroid surgery in a District General Hospital.Methods: Retrospective study of thyroid surgery done over a 3-year period(1999-2002). Indications for surgery, pre and postoperative thyroid status, extent of surgery, post operative complications and post operative histology were evaluated.Results: 124 patients underwent surgery for thyroid disease. 90 % were female and 10 % male, median age of 52 years (...