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ea0081ep647 | Pituitary and Neuroendocrinology | ECE2022

Sellar plasmacytoma revealing a multiple myeloma.

Hamoudi Samia , Achir Safia , Mimouni Safia

Introduction: The sellar plasmacytoma, an exceptional localization that can be solitary or associated with a multiple myeloma. We report the case of a sellar mass wrongly diagnosed as an invasive non-functional pituitary adenoma, the diagnosis was rectified postoperatively by the anatomopathological study.Case description: A 44 year old female patient, with history of cholecystectomy and megaloblastic anemia, was referred to our center for management of ...

ea0049ep994 | Pituitary - Clinical | ECE2017

A eight successful pregnancies in six Algerian women with acromegaly: a monocenter study of Pierre and Marie Curie center.

Mimouni Safia

Introduction: Acromegaly usually results from GH hypersecretion elaborated by somatotrop adenoma. The occurrence of a pregnancy in an acromegaly is an infrequent event, but better described in recent years. It could be aggravate GH secretion and tumor volume.Objective: Describe eight pregnancies including twin pregnancy in six acromegalics patients hospitalized in the endocrinology department of the Pierre and Marie Curie center in Algiers.<p class="...

ea0081ep609 | Endocrine-Related Cancer | ECE2022

Diagnostic and evolutionary profiles of adrenocortical tumor, about 30 cases

Chabour Fadila , Mimouni Safia

Adrenocortical tumor is a rare malignant tumor of adrenal location. With a poor prognosis that can be improved by rapid diagnosis and adequate early management, hence the importance to evoke this etiology in front of any atypical adrenal mass or any suggestive clinical or biological context. The objective of our modest work is to report through a retrospective study the profile of adrenocortical tumors treated in our service over a period of 13 years from 2007 to 2020. Thirty ...

ea0081ep710 | Pituitary and Neuroendocrinology | ECE2022

Langerhans cell histiocytosis revealed by an isolated central diabetes insipidus in an adult

Chaima Halladja , Achir Safia , Belheddad Zina , MIMOUNI SAFIA

Introduction: Langerhans cell histiocytosis (LCH) is a systemic disorder characterized by clonal proliferation of immature dendritic cells observed mainly in children. The affection of the sellar region in adults with central diabetes insipidus as the first manifestation of the disease is extremely rare creating a problem of etiological diagnosis especially when central diabetes insipidus (CDI) is apparently isolated.Case description: A 21-year-old man w...

ea0073aep458 | Pituitary and Neuroendocrinology | ECE2021

Pituitary apoplexy lead to disappearance of adenoma; two case reports

Djerroumi Imane , Boulgheraief Aicha , Iraten Yasmine , Foudil Dalila , Mimouni Safia

IntroductionPituitary apoplexy is a rare endocrine and neurosurgical emergency. It corresponds to the occurrence of an hemorrhage or infarction in the pituitary gland, or most often within a pituitary adenoma. The usual presentation associates sudden headaches, visual disturbances, altered consciousness and endocrine disorders wich are dominated by corticotropic insufficiency. We present two cases of pituitary apoplexy, the first one complicating an unde...

ea0035p443 | Diabetes complications | ECE2014

Clinical profile and management of diabetic osteoarthropathy

Youcef Hafsa Si , Azouz Malha , Hanachi Ratiba , Mimouni Safia , Boudiba Aissa

Introduction: The diabetic foot osteoarthropathy is defined as a progressive painless arthropathy of one or more joints due to an underlying neurological injury. It is the bed of complications and severe foot infections and involves the functional prognosis. Through observations of patients we report the difficulty of management of wounds on foot osteoarthropathy.Observation: It is five diabetic patients hospitalized in our department with an array of se...