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ea0009p97 | Endocrine tumours and neoplasia | BES2005

External pituitary irradiation normalizes serum insulin like growth factor-1 levels in a significant percentage of patients with acromegaly

Mullan K , Abram W , Hunter S , McCance D , McConnell M , Leslie H , Sanabria C , Sheridan B , Atkinson A

It is well established that external pituitary irradiation (EPI) effectively reduces serum growth hormone levels in acromegaly. However the effect of EPI in normalising serum insulin like growth factor-1 levels (IGF-1) remains disputed. We studied 60 patients between 1964 and 2004 who received EPI for acromegaly: 22 women, 38 men; mean age at diagnosis 38.5 years (range 14-68). Pituitary surgery was carried out in 50/60 patients; in 47 patients EPI was given after their last s...