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ea0005p214 | Reproduction | BES2003

Investigating germ cell development and differentiation in the human fetal testis

Gaskell T , Robinson L , Anderson R , Saunders P

Testicular cancer has a peak incidence in young men between the ages of 15 and 40, with an increased frequency in individuals with disorders of the reproductive tract such as hypospadia and cryptorchidism. It has been proposed that carcinoma in situ cells are derived from testicular germ cells that have not differentiated appropriately during fetal life, perhaps as a result of disturbance of the hormonal environment. The aim of this study is to investigate whether estrogen may...

ea0005p218 | Steroids | BES2003

Studies on functional activity of human ERbeta wild type and variant isoforms

Sierens J , Scobie G , Wilson J , Saunders P

Oestrogens act via oestrogen receptors (ER) that are expressed in a wide range of tissues including the vasculature, bone and gonads. Two ER genes known as ERalpha and ERbeta have been identified. In the human splice variants of ERbeta have been identified. ERs form both homodimers and heterodimers upon ligand binding. The aim of the present experiments was to study the functional activity of ERbeta1 (wild type) and ERbeta variant (ERbeta2) in single and double transfection as...