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ea0025oc1.8 | Young Endocrinologists prize session | SFEBES2011

TSH levels and thyroid hormone prescribing in primary care in the UK

Iqbal Ahmed , Taylor Peter , Panicker Vijay , Sayers Adrian , Greenwood Rosemary , Mukhtar Rasha , Evans Jonathan , Dayan Colin

Objective: Hypothyroidism is common and predominantly managed in primary care. Symptoms are non-specific, with thyroid function tests (TFT) required for diagnosis. We sought to investigate current practice in levothyroxine prescribing in primary care.Methods: We studied the initiation of levothyroxine using the General Practice Research Database (GPRD), the world’s largest database of anonymised medical records. Individuals with i) thyroid cancer ii...

ea0025p352 | Thyroid | SFEBES2011

Variation in free T3 (fT3) within the reference range is associated with bone development in children, and mediated via alteration in body mass indices

Taylor Peter , Sayers Adrian , Iqbal Ahmed , Taylor Andrew , Dayan Colin , Tobias Jonathan

Objective: The hypothalamus–pituitary–thyroid axis profoundly influences skeletal development. Whilst the adverse effects of thyroid dysfunction on bone are well established; the effects of variation within the normal range is less clear.Design: In a subset of the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children we performed full thyroid function tests from stored samples taken at age 7. 668 children had thyroid hormone parameters within the ref...

ea0034oc1.1 | Young Endocrinologists prize session | SFEBES2014

The Thr92Ala substitution in deiodonase-2 is associated with increased odds of a sub-optimal IQ score in children with low-normal thyroid function

Taylor Peter , Okosieme Onyebuchi , Sayers Adrian , Northstone Kate , Draman Mohd , Stevenson Kirsty , Woltersdorf Wolf , Taylor Andrew , Pearce Elizabeth , Panicker Vijay , Ludgate Marian , Gregory John , Lazarus John , Timpson Nicholas , Channon Sue , Dayan Colin

Importance: Thyroid hormone is essential for cognitive development. The Thr92Ala substitution in deiodonase-2 appears to reduce intracellular availability of active thyroid hormone. Individuals with low-normal serum thyroid hormone levels and this substitution might have insufficient intracellular thyroid hormone for optimal cognitive development.Objective: To explore whether individuals with low thyroid hormone bioavailability – free thyroxine in t...