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ea0016p725 | Thyroid | ECE2008

Treatment with thyroxine reduces thyroid volume in euthyroid children with Hashimoto thyroiditis

Scarpa Vasiliki , Kousta Eleni , Tertipi Athanasia , Ioannidis Dimitris , Petrou Vasilis , Chatziathanasiou Charalambos , Papathanasiou Asteroula

Introduction: There is no concensus whether euthyroid children with HashimotoÂ’s thyroiditis (HT) need treatment with thyroxine.Aim of the study: To assess whether thyroxine influences goitre progression (calculated thyroid volume on U/S scan) in euthyroid children with HT.Subjects and methods: We studied 50 euthyroid children with HT for a 2-year period. Children with a multinodular goitre were not included in the study. Twent...