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ea0049ep370 | Cardiovascular Endocrinology and Lipid Metabolism | ECE2017

Cardiometabolic risk and female sexuality: focus on clitoral vascular resistance

Maseroli Elisa , Fanni Egidia , Cipriani Sarah , Scavello Irene , Pampaloni Francesca , Battaglia Cesare , Fambrini Massimiliano , Mannucci Edoardo , Jannini Emmanuele A , Maggi Mario , Vignozzi Linda

The relation between sexual and cardiovascular health in women is not well defined. Clitoral colour Doppler ultrasound (CDU) with assessment of the pulsatility index (PI), reflecting resistance to blood flow, has been proposed as an objective measurement of sexual functioning. We aimed to investigate the associations between clitoral PI and cardiometabolic risk factors. Seventy-one adult heterosexual women attending our clinic for sexual dysfunction were consecutively recruite...

ea0073aep857 | Late Breaking | ECE2021

SHBG as a Q1 marker of NAFLD and metabolic impairments in women referred for oligomenorrhea and/or hirsutism and in women with sexual dysfunction

Di Stasi Vincenza , Maseroli Elisa , Rastrelli Giulia , Scavello Irene , Cipriani Sarah , Todisco Tommaso , Marchiani Sara , Sorbi Flavia , Fambrini Massimiliano , Petraglia Felice , Maggi Mario , Vignozzi Linda

PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) is one of the most common endocrine disorders and NAFLD (Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease) is one of its most dangerous metabolic consequences. The diagnosis of NAFLD is not a practical task and the condition is at risk of being overlooked. The use of simpler but still reliable surrogate markers is necessary to identify women with a high likelihood of NAFLD. The aim of this study was to evaluate the clinical correlates of NAFLD Liver Fat Score ...

ea0073aep803 | Late Breaking | ECE2021

Physical activity and female sexual dysfunction: too much of a good thing?

Maseroli Elisa , Rastrelli Giulia , Di Stasi Vincenza , Cipriani Sarah , Scavello Irene , Todisco Tommaso , Gironi Veronica , Castellini Giovanni , Ricca Valdo , Sorbi Flavia , Fambrini Massimiliano , Petraglia Felice , Maggi Mario , Vignozzi Linda

BackgroundResearch on the relationship between physical activity (PA) and female sexual dysfunction (FSD) is lacking.AimTo investigate the clinical, psychological, and sexual correlates of PA in women with FSD.MethodsA non-selected series of n = 322 pre- and post-menopausal patients consulting for FSD was retrospectively studied. Regular involvement in PA...

ea0073aep835 | Late Breaking | ECE2021

Preliminary evidence of the role of circulating testosterone levels in a cohort of women with SARS-CoV-2 infection

Rastrelli Giulia , Di Stasi Vincenza , Inglese Francesco , Beccaria Massimiliano , Garuti Martina , Di Costanzo Domenica , Spreafico Fabio , Francesca Greco Graziana , Pecoriello Antonietta , Todisco Tommaso , Cipriani Sarah , Maseroli Elisa , Scavello Irene , Glingani Claudia , Franchini Massimo , Maggi Mario , De Donno Giuseppe , Vignozzi Linda

PurposeObjective of this study was to assess the association between testosterone (T) levels and biochemical markers in a cohort of female patients admitted for SARS-CoV-2 infection in a respiratory intensive care unit (RICU).MethodsA consecutive series of 17 women affected by SARSCoV-2 pneumonia and recovered in the RICU of the Hospital of Mantua (Italy) were analyzed. Biochemical inflammatory markers as wel...

ea0073aep861 | Late Breaking | ECE2021

Insight on the intracrinology of menopause: androgen production within the human vagina

Cipriani Sarah , Cellai Ilaria , Di Stasi Vincenza , Comeglio Paolo , Maseroli Elisa , Todisco Tommaso , Corno Chiara , Filippi Sandra , Sorbi Flavia , Fambrini Massimiliano , Petraglia Felice , Scavello Irene , Rastrelli Giulia , Acciai Gabriele , Villanelli Fabio , Danza Giovanna , Sarchielli Erica , Guarnieri Giulia , Morelli Annamaria , Maggi Mario , Vignozzi Linda

In this study, we investigated steroidogenic gene mRNA expression in human vagina and verified the ability of human vagina smooth muscle cells (hvSMCs) to synthesize androgens from upstream precursor dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA). As a readout for androgen receptor (AR) activation, we evaluated the mRNA expression of various androgen-dependent markers. hvSMCs were isolated from vagina tissues of women undergoing surgery for benign gynecological diseases. In these cells, we eva...