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ea0041gp130 | Obesity | ECE2016

Hypothalamic inflammation in humans is not reversed by a profound weight loss and an improved insulin sensitivity due to bariatric surgery

Kreutzer Carina , Peters Sonke , Schulte Dominik , Turk Kathrin , Wolff Stephan , Rohr Axel , Kerby Tina , Riedel Christian , van Eimeren Thilo , Schreiber Stefan , Laudes Matthias

Introduction: Obesity is associated with hypothalamic inflammation (HI) in animal models. While MRI studies in humans also found an increased intensity in the MBH in obese subjects, it remains unclear (1) if HI causes neuronal death and (2) if HI reverses during weight loss.Patients and methods: n=50 obese subjects and n=50 age- and sex-matched controls where examined. MRI scans including spectroscopy were performed. Also, detailed nutr...

ea0041gp138 | Obesity | ECE2016

Dietary and weight loss effects on human gut microbiome diversity and metabolism

Fangmann Daniela , Heinsen Femke-Anouska , Schulte Dominik M , Ruhlemann Malte-Christoph , Turk Kathrin , Settgast Ute , Muller Nike , Lieb Wolfgang , Baines John F , Schreiber Stefan , Franke Andre , Laudes Matthias

Introduction: Changes in the gut microbiome have been associated with the development of obesity. The aim of the present study was to examine i) the effect of a formula based very-low-calorie weight loss diet (VLCD) on the gut microbiome of obese humans and ii) whether if potential changes are sustained during weight maintenance.Patients and methods: The study consisted of 3 months VLCD (~800 kcal/d) followed by 3 months of weight maintenance. 18 obese h...