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ea0090ep761 | Pituitary and Neuroendocrinology | ECE2023

Delayed onset of pasireotide-induced hyperglycemia: Report of two cases

Stormann Sylvere , Schilbach Katharina , Amereller Felix , Schweizer Junia Ribeiro de Oliveira Longo , Schopohl Jochen

Introduction: Pasireotide is a potent somatostatin analogue (SSA) and used in therapy-refractory acromegaly, commonly after failure of treatment with first-generation SSA. However, it may induce severe hyperglycemia, which usually occurs rapidly after initiation of therapy and in general gradually improves over time. We here present two cases of young male patients who developed severe pasireotide-induced hyperglycemia after several years of treatment.Ca...

ea0093oc11 | Oral communication 2: Neuroendocrinology | EYES2023

Soluble alpha klotho, a new biomarker of growth hormone action

Schweizer Junia Ribeiro de Oliveira Longo , Schilbach Katharina , Gagliardo Anica Pauline , Haenelt Michael , Peters Annette , Thorand Barbara , Bidlingmaier Martin

Background: Soluble alpha klotho (sαKL) is high in active acromegaly, normalizes after disease control, and therefore is suggested as a new biomarker for growth hormone (GH) excess. However, little is known about the impact of biological variables other than GH.Methods: Serum sαKL (pg/ml) was measured by ELISA (IBL, Hamburg, Germany). We first evaluated pre-analytical stability, defined a reference interval for sαKL in healthy subjects (A:...

ea0056gp10 | Acromegaly | ECE2018

Human growth hormone (GH) isoforms during oral glucose tolerance test in patients with acromegaly and in healthy subjects

Ulmer Esther , Schilbach Katharina , Haenelt Michael , Nicolay Shiva Sophia , Schwerdt Laura , Schweizer Junia Ribeiro de Oliveira Longo , Bartel Christopher , Schopohl Jochen , Strasburger Christian , Wu Zida , Bidlingmaier Martin

GH consists of various molecular isoforms. Most abundant is 22 kDa-GH (80–90% of total GH), followed by 20 kDa-GH (5–15% of total GH). The biological significance of 20 kDa-GH remains unclear, but its effects appear comparable to those of 22 kDa-GH. Acromegaly is characterized by chronic GH excess. Data on GH isoforms in acromegaly are scarce, but an increased 20 kDa-/22 kDa-GH-ratio (20k-ratio) has been described. Our aims were to compare the 20k-ratio in a larger c...