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ea0070aep805 | Reproductive and Developmental Endocrinology | ECE2020

Hypogonadism and testis impairment in patients with amyloidosis due to Apo A-I Leu75Pro mutation

Facondo Paolo , Delbarba Andrea , Chiara Pezzaioli Letizia , Di Lodovico Elena , Cappelli Carlo , Scolari Francesco , Ferlin Alberto

Introduction: Amyloidosis due to Apo A-I Leu75Pro mutation is a rare form of hereditary amyloidosis with systemic involvement mainly of testicle, kidney and liver. This disease finds a wide prevalence in the province of Brescia (Northern Italy), which represents a geographic uniqueness for the spread of this amyloidosis form. Somefeatures of this disease have not yet been described.Purpose: To describe the frequency of organ damages in this amyloidosis f...