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ea0022p815 | Thyroid | ECE2010

Evaluation of theurapeutic modalities in Graves' hyperthyroidism

Yalcin Yavuz , Topaloglu Oya , Berker Dilek , Isik Serhat , Guler Serdar

Objective: Currently there are three well-established treatment options for hyperthyroid Graves’ disease (GD): antithyroid drug therapy with thionamides, radioactive iodine (RAI) treatment with (131)I, and surgery. The aim of this study was to investigate retrospectively theurapeutic options of the patients with GD treated at outpatient clinics of Endocrinology and Metabolism between January 2007 and December 2009.Methods: We evaluated 122 patients ...

ea0035p981 | Thyroid (non-cancer) | ECE2014

Hyperthyroidism in a pregnant woman who had hypothroidism due to Hashimoto disease before

Onal Eda Demir , Isik Serhat , Saglam Fatma , Ersoy Reyhan , Cakir Bekir

Introduction: Pregnant women with known hypothyroidism must have monthly follow up with thyroid function tests. Appropriate L-thyroxin replacement dose can be given due to trimester specific thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) levels. We will discuss about a hyperthyroid pregnant woman who was taking L-thyroxin replacement before and during the first trimester of pregnancy for hypothyroidism.Case: A 24-year old woman came to o...

ea0022p89 | Bone/Calcium | ECE2010

Comparison of alendronate and raloxifene as a medical treatment option in patients with primary hyperparathyroidism

Akbaba Gulhan , Isik Serhat , Tutuncu Yasemin , Ozuguz Ufuk , Berker Dilek , Guler Serdar

Introduction: Primary hyperparathyroidism (pHPT) is the most frequent cause of hypercalcemia in ambulatory patients. Most persons have no symptoms, and pHPT usually is diagnosed after an elevated serum calcium (Ca2+) level is found incidentally. Parathyroidectomy is the definitive treatment for pHPT. There have been several different approaches to the medical management of pHPT. Our aim in this study is to compare alendronate sodium (ALN) and raloxifene (RLX) effici...

ea0022p664 | Neuroendocrinology and Pituitary (<emphasis role="italic">Generously supported by Novartis</emphasis>) | ECE2010

Comparison of efficacy of cabergoline and bromocriptine retrospectively in patients with hyperprolactinemia

Isik Serhat , Berker Dilek , Tutuncu Yasemin , Ozuguz Ufuk , Arduc Ayse , Akbaba Gulhan , Aydin Yusuf , Guler Serdar

Objective: Patients with hyperprolactinemia who require medical therapy are typically treated with dopamine agonists (DA). In most cases, medical therapy with DA normalizes the level of prolactin (PRL), restores gonadal function and fertility, and substantially reduces the size of the tumor. Here, we aimed to compare the efficacy of cabergoline (CAB) and bromocriptine (BRC) in hyperprolactinemic patients retrospectively.Methods: Retrospective analysis of...

ea0022p666 | Neuroendocrinology and Pituitary (<emphasis role="italic">Generously supported by Novartis</emphasis>) | ECE2010

comparison of octreotide LAR and lanreotide autogel treatments in post-operative medical treatment of acromegaly

Tutuncu Yasemin , Berker Dilek , Isik Serhat , Ozuguz Ufuk , Akbaba Gulhan , Kucukler Ferit Kerim , Guler Serdar

Objective: Long acting somatostatin analogs commonly used as adjuvant treatment of acromegalic patients after noncurative surgery. We aimed to compare the efficacy of octreotide LAR (OCT) and lanreotide Autogel (LAN) in acromegalic patients.Methods: Sixty-eight patients that cure could not be achieved by transsfenoidal endoscopic or microscopic pituitary surgery between 2003 and 2009 were retrospectively analyzed (25 men and 43 women; mean age 41.1±...

ea0020p84 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Clinicopathologic features of incidental and nonincidental papillary thyroid microcarcinoma

Ozuguz Ufuk , Berker Dilek , Aydin Yusuf , Isik Serhat , Tutuncu Yasemin , Delibasi Tuncay , Guler Serdar

Objective: Most of the papillary thyroid microcarcinomas (PTMC) are incidentally discovered in pathological examination after the surgery of benign thyroid disorders. The purpose of the present study was to evaluate clinicopathologic features of incidental and nonincidental PTMC.Material and methods: We evaluated 56 patients with PTMC between 2003 and 2008 at the Division of Endocrinology of the Numune Training and Research Hospital. We analyzed the tumo...

ea0020p148 | Thyroid | ECE2009

Incidental thyroid carcinoma in patients with thyrotoxicosis

Isik Serhat , Berker Dilek , Aydin Yusuf , Ozuguz Ufuk , Akcil Gulhan , Delibasi Tuncay , Guler Serdar

Objective: Thyroid malignancy detected incidentally in patients who underwent surgery for thyrotoxicosis has been reported at different rates. The aim of this study was to investigate the rate of incidental thyroid carcinoma (ITC) in thyrotoxic patients underwent surgery in our institution.Methods: The prevalence of ITC was investigated in patients who underwent surgery for Graves’ disease (GD), toxic adenoma (TA) or toxic multinodular goiter (TMNG)...

ea0020p436 | Obesity and Metabolism | ECE2009

Association between visceral fat and cardiovascular disease risk factors

Berker Dilek , Aydin Yusuf , Isik Serhat , Tutuncu Yasemin , Pasaoglu Lale , Delibasi Tuncay , Guler Serdar

Objective: We designed this study to evaluate whether visceral fat area (VFA), and subcutaneous fat area (SFA) are associated with atherosclerotic parameters in obese and non-obese subjects.Material and methods: Of 104 healthy volunteers were recruited for the study. Participitants were divided into two groups according to their body mass index (BMI). Group 1 has a BMI of <25 kg/m2 (n=31) and the BMI of the group 2 was ≥25 kg/...

ea0020p603 | Neuroendocrinology, Pituitary and Behaviour | ECE2009

Prevalence of colonic polyps in acromegalic patients and relationship between glycemic status

Tutuncu Yasemin , Aydin Yusuf , Berker Dilek , Isik Serhat , Akcil Gulhan , Yuksel Osman , Delibasi Tuncay , Guler Serdar

Objective: Acromegaly is associated with an increased prevalence of colonic polyps. The aim of this study was to evaluate the prevalence of colonic polyps in acromegalic subjects, and also whether there is a relationship between insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1), growth hormon (GH), fasting insulin plasma levels and the presence of polyps.Material and methods: Fifty-four consecutive acromegalic patients and 45 IBS patients were enrolled to study betwe...

ea0056p1149 | Thyroid cancer | ECE2018

The mitochondrial DNA control region might have useful diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers for thyroid tumors

Bircan Rifat , Gozu Hulya Iliksu , Ulu Esra , Sarikaya Sukran , Sirin Duygu Yasar , Ozcelik Serhat , Aral Cenk

Background: It is currently present in the literature that mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) defects are associated with a great number of diseases including cancers. The role of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) mutations/variations in the development of thyroid cancers is a highly controversial topic. In this study, we aimed to investigate the role of mt-DNA control region (CR) variations in thyroid tumor occurrence and the influence of mtDNA haplogroups on susceptibility t...