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ea0065p278 | Neuroendocrinology | SFEBES2019

Distinct methylation patterns in sparsely and densely granulated growth hormone-secreting pituitary tumours provide clues to different underlying tumorigenic mechanisms

Nadhamuni Vinaya Srirangam , Barry Sayka , Shaid Mario , Korbonits Marta

Objectives: Somatotropinomas can be divided into three subgroups based on their distinct DNA methylation profiles1, one matching sparsely granulated (SG) and the other two matching densely granulated phenotypes (DG-A and DG-B). Sparsely granulated adenomas show fibrous body formation on cytokeratin immunohistochemistry, compared to diffuse staining in densely granulated adenomas. Methylation1 and gene expression data were analysed to identify (i) differen...

ea0044p162 | Neuroendocrinology and pituitary | SFEBES2016

The clinical, pathological and molecular differences between sparsely and densely granulated somatotroph adenomas

Shaid Mario , Barry Sayka , Gadaleta Emanuela , Chelala Claude , Korbonits Marta

Introduction: Somatotroph adenomas are GH producing pituitary adenomas. There are two main types based on granulation pattern: sparsely and densely granulated. Each type also has their own fibrous body pattern. Sparsely granulated (SG) have a ‘dot-like’ fibrous body pattern and the densely granulated (DG) have a ‘perinuclear’ fibrous body pattern. The fibrous bodies are mainly composed of keratin 8. Previous microarray analysis revealed six differentially e...