Searchable abstracts of presentations at key conferences in endocrinology

ea0091wf2 | Workshop F: Disorders of the parathyroid glands, calcium metabolism and bone | SFEEU2023

A case of hungry bone syndrome following denosumab administration with an unfortunate outcome

Sathyanarayan Sheela , Carroll Paul , Velusamy Anand , Saqib Aaisha

A 71 year old gentleman, known to have Renal Cell Carcinoma with metastasis to lung, mediastinum, spine and liver, was transferred to our services for management of T2/T3 Spinal root impingement. On admission he was noted to have severe hypercalcemia of 3.33mmol/l, mild hypophosphatemia 0.8mmol/land an ongoing acute kidney injury. He had appropriate initial management with intravenous fluids, and was started on dexamethasone 8 mg with PPI cover for the spinal metastasis. His i...

ea0091cb13 | Additional Cases | SFEEU2023

Persistent Hyperthyroidism Secondary to Ectopic Autonomous Thyroid Tissue

Subbiah Kasi , Khalilova Samira , Sathyanarayan Sheela , Dimitriadis Georgios

A 28 year old lady presented with a 4 month history of anxiety, palpitations, weight loss and a pressure sensation in the neck. On examination she had fine tremor of her outstretched fingers and no palpable goitre with a regular heart rate. FT4 was 22 pmol/l(10.3-24.5), FT3 7.9 pmol/l(3.5-6.5), TSH 0.02 mIU/l(0.3-5.5), TSH receptor antibodies (TRAb) <0.9 U/l(0-1.75) and TPO antibodies <4 IU/ml (0-35). She was started on Carbimazole 20 mg daily and after being well cont...

ea0074ncc13 | Highlighted Cases | SFENCC2021

Refractory Graves’ disease following total thyroidectomy caused by concurrent ectopic thyroid tissue in the anterior mediastinum

Sathyanarayan Sheela , Li Adrian , Arshad Sobia , Dimitriadis Georgios K

Case History :A 34-year-old Caucasian female patient presented in May 2015 to A&E with symptoms of overt thyroid dysfunction. She was managed medically until June 2016 when thionamide treatment was withdrawn. Unfortunately, this lady had a first disease relapse in July 2018 whilst she was pregnant at 35 weeks of gestation and then further disease relapse in January 2020 during her second pregnancy. Investigations: Initial biochemistry in 2015 confirm...

ea0074ncc14 | Highlighted Cases | SFENCC2021

Multiple electrolyte disturbances as the presenting feature of MEN-1

Li Adrian , Sathyanarayan Sheela , Arshad Sobia , Aylwin Simon , Dimitriadis Georgios

Case history: A 49-year-old teacher presented to his GP with lethargy and lower limb weakness. He had noticed polydipsia and polyuria, and had experienced weight loss albeit with an increase in central abdominal fat mass. He had previously undergone cholecystectomy and colonic polypectomy. He took no regular medications. Investigations: He had hypercalcaemia 3.34 mmol/l with PTH of 356 ng/l and hypokalaemia 2.7 mmol/l and was admitted for intravenous flu...

ea0094p338 | Endocrine Cancer and Late Effects | SFEBES2023

Papillary thyroid cancer occuring in thyroglossal duct cyst- a rare presentation

Sathyanarayan Sheela , Madan Arina , Salema Valmiki , Velusamy Anand , Anandappa Samanth , Ul-Hassan Fahim , Hubbard Jonathan

Thyroglossal duct cysts are the most frequently occurring congenital cervical anomaly, however the development of Papillary Thyroid Cancer (PTC) in these are very rare, with an incidence around 1%. We present two cases of PTC identified in thyroglossal duct cysts from our services. A 26-year-old lady with a 1-year history of midline neck swelling, was investigated with a neck ultrasound which showed a 2.8cm septated thyroglossal duct cyst and U2 thyroid cyst. She underwent a F...