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ea0003p298 | Thyroid | BES2002

Profile of the thyroid function in a population with type-2 diabetes mellitus

Nobre E , Jorge Z , Pratas S , Silva C , Castro J

Subclinical thyroid dysfunction associated with a poor lipid profile and cardiac dysfunction. Patients with DM2 suffer from a greater risk of vascular disease, often in association dislipidemia. Thyroid dysfunction might either contribute to these factors or make them worse.Objective: To assess the prevalence of thyroid dysfunction among patients with diabetes and the relationship between that condition the control of diabetes and lipid profile.<p ...

ea0026p699 | Diabetes complications | ECE2011

Gilbert syndrome and diabetes: a perfect union?

Matos M J , Souto S B , Oliveira A I , Silva S , Vinha E , Freitas P , Queiros J , Braga D C , Carvalho D

Introduction: Gilbert syndrome is one of the most common inherited diseases, with a prevalence of 5–7%. It is caused by a mutation in UGT1A1 gene, which is in turn responsible for a deficiency in bilirubin glucuronidation. It courses with unconjugated hyperbilirubinemia, and jaundice may occur in adolescence, after fasting, exercise, or in menses, and also with certain drugs. Individuals with Gilbert syndrome seem to have a reduction in the prevalence of micro- and macrov...