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ea0032p329 | Clinical case reports - Thyroid / Others | ECE2013

Thyrotoxic periodic paralysis in young Caucasian

Simovic Nikola , Gluvic Zoran , Rasic-Milutinovic Zorica , Tica Jelena , Popovic-Radinovic Vesna , Vujovic Marina , Lackovic Milena

Thyrotoxic periodic paralysis (TPP) is uncommon complication of Graves’ disease mainly observed in young males of Asian origin. It is rarely seen among white hyperthyroid patients (0.1–0.2%), usually presented as lower extremities muscle weakness of sudden onset, probably cause by hypokalemia. Possible mechanism of hypokalemia is an increased sodium–potassium–adenosine triphosphatase pump activity with consequent massive shift og potassium from extracellula...

ea0035p1068 | Thyroid (non-cancer) | ECE2014

The lipid profile in patients with subclinical hypothyroidism and metabolic syndrome

Radinovic Vesna Popovic , Milutinovic Zorica Rasic , Jevtic Jelena Tica , Vujovic Marina , Lackovic Milena , Simovic Nikola , Ilic Maja Stojadinovic

Background: We know that lipid profile is disturbed in both subclinical hypothyroidism (SH) and metabolic syndrome (MetSy). In this study we observed lipid profile in newly diagnosed patients with SH and MetSy.Materials and methods: We chose 70 patients (all females) with newly discovered SH and 20 healthy controls, mean age 51.1 (±6.79). The parameters that we determined are: TSH, FT4, anti-TPO-At, triglycerides, whole, LDL and HDL chole...

ea0035p1014 | Thyroid (non-cancer) | ECE2014

Whether various ways of quality of life answer rank-transformation influence on final score and grouping among hypothyroid patients?

Gluvic Zoran , Mitrovic Bojan , Lackovic Milena , Simovic Nikola , Vujovic Marina , Jevtic Jelena Tica , Popovic-Radinovic Vesna , Rasic-Milutinovic Zorica , Radovic Milica , Popin-Taric Marija , Vasic-Vlasiavljevic Anita , Paunovic Nevena , Milivojevic Esma Isenovic

Quality of life (QoL) of hypothyroid patients can be estimated by use of numerous instruments (GHQ12 and TQ20). By rank transformation of obtained answers, calculated QoL score further determined groups, named as no distress (0–15 patients.), minor distress (16–24 patients.) and major distress (≥25 patients.). Rank transformation can be performed through Likert 0–3 as well modified 0–4 model. To groups with distress, levo-thyroxine (L-T...