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ea0014p54 | (1) | ECE2007

24-hour ambulatory blood pressure and aortic dimensions in women with Turner syndrome

Hjerrild Britta , Sorensen Keld , Pedersen Erik Morre , Lundorf Erik , Horlyck Arne , Christiansen Jens Sandahl , Gravholt Claus Hojbjerg

Study objective: To study blood pressure (BP) levels and aortic dimensions in women with Turner syndrome (TS).Materials and methods: 102 women with TS (mean age 37.7 years; 18–62 years). 24 hour ambulatory BP measurement and echocardiography was performed on participants.Results: Mean BP systolic (sys) and diastolic (dia) values were (±SD): sysBPday 128.0±15.3; diaBPday 81.6±11.8; sysBPnight 110.4...

ea0014p67 | (1) | ECE2007

Intravenous constant ghrelin infusion in healthy young men: sustained cardiovascular effects of supraphysiological ghrelin levels

Vestergaard Esben Thyssen , Andersen Niels Holmark , Hansen Troels Krarup , Rasmussen Lars Melholt , Moller Niels , Sorensen Keld , Sloth Erik , Christiansen Jens Sandahl , Jorgensen Jens Otto Lunde

Objective: The short-term cardiovascular effects of continuous ghrelin infusion in healthy humans remain to be studied.Methods: Fifteen healthy, young and normal-weight men volunteered to participate in a randomized double-blind, placebo-controlled cross-over study. The local ethics committee approved the study. We used a constant infusion of human ghrelin at a rate of 5 pmol/kg body weight per minute for 180 minutes and measured peak left ventricular my...