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ea0032p275 | Clinical case reports - Thyroid / Others | ECE2013

Submandibular ectopic thyroid gland

Dominguez-Lopez Marta , Gonzalez-Molero Inmaculada , Ruiz MSol , Soriguer Federico

Introduction: Ectopic thyroid glands are generally a rare entity appearing mostly in the cervical midline (90% of the cases) and even more rarely in other anatomical sites (10%).Clinical report: We present the case of an ectopic submandibular thyroid gland. A 31-year-old woman was referred to our department with a history of left submandibular swelling.A scintigraphy was performed, which showed an accumulation of activity in the ri...

ea0032p490 | Diabetes | ECE2013

Assesment of diabetes knowledge evaluation in type 2 diabetic patients

Gonzalez-Molero Inmaculada , Dominguez Marta , Adana MArisol Ruiz de , Soriguer FEderico

Introduction: Research has demonstrated that knowledge about medications, diet, exercise, home glucose monitoring, foot care, and treatment modifications is necessary to effectively self-manage diabetes, and the assessment of diabetes-related knowledge is an important first step from which to individualize diabetes education programs and make evaluations of their effectiveness.Purpose: To assess the knowledge of diabetes mellitus (about the disease, its ...

ea0032p768 | Obesity | ECE2013

Assessment of dietary habits in obese patients

Gonzalez-Molero Inmaculada , Dominguez-Lopez Marta , Ruiz de Adana MArisol , Soriguer Federico

Introduction: A key factor in the progressive increase in the prevalence of obesity is poor dietary habits. The treatment of obesity with regular diets often fail, so knowing the specific habits of these patients can be very useful to individualize treatment.Objective: Evaluate the dietary habits of subjects consulting for obesity in our clinic of Endocrinology and NutritionMaterials and methods: We conducted a survey of eating hab...

ea0032p288 | Clinical case reports - Thyroid / Others | ECE2013

Clinical case report: male patient with SRY-positive 46,XX testicular disorder of sex development

Dominguez-Lopez Marta , Gonzalez-Molero Inmaculada , Esteva Isabel , Gonzalo-Marin Montserrat , de Adana MSoledad Ruiz , Soriguer Federico

The 46 XX male syndrome (de la Chapelle syndrome or 46,XX testicular disorder of sex development -46,XX testicular DSD-) is a rare phenotype associated with disorder of the sex chromosomes. XX males exist in different clinical categories with ambiguous genitalia or partially to fully mature male genitalia, in combination with complete or incomplete masculinization.Clinical report: We describe the clinical, molecular, and cytogenetic findings of a 26-year...

ea0032p463 | Diabetes | ECE2013

Clinical usefulness of a bolus calculator in patients with type 1 diabetes mellitus treated with continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion (CSII)

Dominguez-Lopez Marta , Gonzalez-Molero Mercedes Inmaculaca , Guerrero Inmaculaca , Gonzalez Stella , Adana MSoledad Ruiz de , Soriguer Federico

Objective: One of the major problems related to the use of CSII, or intensive insulin regimens in general, is the calculation of accurate insulin boluses. Abolus calculator incorporated into the insulin pump, estimates the dose of insulin to be administered at the meal on the basis of the following parameters: current blood glucose, grams of carbohydrate in the meal, carbohydrate to-insulin ratio (CIR), insulin sensitivity factors (ISF), target blood glucose and quantity of in...

ea0032p486 | Diabetes | ECE2013

Evaluation of adolescents with type 1 diabetes after transition from paediatric to adult care

Dominguez-Lopez Marta , Gonzalez-Molero Inmaculada , Lopez-Siguero Juan Pedro , Navas MSoledad Ruiz de Adana , Escofet Federico Soriguer

Objective: Our objective in this study was to identify the type of clinical care received by young type 1 diabetic patients who have made the transition from paediatric to adult care, and to assess the metabolic status of the patients. The research aimed to develop a sustainable and coordinated approach to facilitating the transition between diabetes services for adolescents and reveal from the perspective of the adolescents living with type 1 diabetes their experiences surrou...

ea0032p489 | Diabetes | ECE2013

Analysis of the newly diagnosed diabetic patients, one year and five years of evolution, C-peptide, autoinmunity, treatment and metabolic control

Dominguez-Lopez Marta , Fernandez-Arias David , Gonzalez-Molero Inmaculada , Colomo Natalia , Adana Marisol Ruiz de , Soriguer Federico

Objective: We retrospectively analyzed patients with type 1 diabetes onset, attended during the years 2005 and 2006 on the specific query of type 1 DM debut of a tertiary hospital, with initial treatment assessment, at 1 and 5 years evolution.Results: Patients were treated for newly diagnosed DM 1, 25 patients (72% male, 28% female) mean age 23.2 years (14–36), mean BMI: 23.18 (18–33.8%).The clinical presentation included: 88.24% presented with...

ea0037ep1002 | Thyroid (non-cancer) | ECE2015

Prevalence of thyroid dysfunction in Spain: diabetes study

Valdes Sergio , Maldonado-Araque Cristina , Tapia Maria Jose , Lago Ana , Perez-Valero Vidal , Goday Albert , Castano Luis , Delgado Edelmiro , Vendrell Joan , Rojo-Martinez Gemma , Soriguer Federico

Introduction: Thyroid dysfunction is a common health problem. Its prevalence may vary in different populations, and in Spain, it has not been sufficiently studied. The aim of this study was to evaluate the prevalence of thyroid dysfunction (clinical and subclinical) in our country.Materials and methods: The diabetes study is a national, cross-sectional, population-based survey. Target population: the entire Spanish population >18 years. Sample: >...

ea0070aep889 | Thyroid | ECE2020

Iodine deficiency and mortality in spanish adults. [email protected] study

Valdes Sergio , Colomo Natalia , Maldonado-Araque Cristina , García-Fuentes Eduardo , Calle-Pascual Alfonso , Castaño Luis , Delgado Elias , Franch-Nadal Josep , Soriguer Federico , Rojo-Martinez Gemma

Objective: To study the association between the state of iodine nutrition, and the risk of total and cause mortality in a representative sample of the Spanish adult population.Design: Longitudinal observational study to estimate mortality risk according to urinary iodine (UI) concentrations using a sample of 4370 subjects >18 years representative of the Spanish adult population participating in the national study [email protected] (2008–2010). We used ...

ea0032p133 | Calcium and Vitamin D metabolism | ECE2013

Plasma lipid levels in relation to the status of vitamin D sufficiency

Gonzalez-Molero Inmaculada , Rojo Gemma , Dominguez Marta , Morcillo Sonsoles , Rubio Eleazara , Gutierrez CArolina , de Adana MArisol Ruis , Almaraz Maria Cruz , Soriguer Federico

Introduction: Several studies have investigated a possible action of vitamin D metabolites on different lipid fractions but the possible mechanism by which they could act remain unknown, with varying results in observational and intervention studies.Objective: To study the relation between vitamin D levels and lipids levels.Methods: We undertook a population-based cohort study in Spain. At baseline (1996–1998), 1226 subjects w...