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ea0037ep222 | Reproduction, endocrine disruptors and signalling | ECE2015

Circulating levels of FSH in men are genetically determined: study of the combined effect of polymorphisms in FSHR and FSHB genes

Ferlin Alberto , Vinanzi Cinzia , Speltra Elena , Pengo Manuel , Rocca Maria Santa , Foresta Carlo

Introduction: Polymorphisms in the gene for FSH receptor (FSHR) and FSH β subunit (FSHB) might modulate FSH levels and represent genetic markers for a pharmacogenetic approach to male infertility treatment. rs6166 (c.2039 A>G, Asn680Ser) and rs1394205 (c.−29 G>A) in FSHR have been better analysed in women, whereas rs10835638 (−211 G>T) in FSHB seems to have a determinant role especially in men. However, studies considering the combined effect of th...