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ea0057001 | tRNAGln hypomethylation and fragmentation in patient iPSC-derived β-like cells mediates apoptosis in TRMT10A diabetes | BES2018

tRNAGln hypomethylation and fragmentation in patient iPSC-derived β-like cells mediates apoptosis in TRMT10A diabetes

Cristina Cosentino , Sanna Toivonen , Stephane Demine , Andrea Schiavo , Nathalie Pachera , Decio L Eizirik , Miriam Cnop , Mariana Igoillo-Esteve

Background and aim: Loss-of-function mutations in TRMT10A, a transfer RNA (tRNA) methyltransferase, cause early onset diabetes and microcephaly. tRNAs play a crucial role in cellular homeostasis and post-transcriptional modifications modulate tRNA function and fragmentation. tRNA-derived halves (tiRNAs, 29-50 nt) and fragments (tRFs, 14-30 nt) are a new class of functional small noncoding RNAs, involved in cellular stress responses. Here we set out to investigate the ...

ea0088007 | Abstracts | BES2022

The impact of interferon-α on global gene expression in iPSC-derived β- and α-like cells

Sandra Marin-Canas , Florian Szymczak , Maria Ines Alvelos , Stephane Demine , Maikel L Colli , de Beeck Anne Op , Sofia Thomaidou , Lorella Marselli , Arnaud Zaldumbide , Piero Marchetti , Decio L Eizirik

Aim: IFNα is a key regulator of the initial dialogue between pancreatic β-cells and the immune system in type 1 diabetes (T1D). IFNα induces endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress, insulitis and a massive HLA-ABC overexpression in human β-cells, three histological hallmarks of T1D. Against this background we investigated the global role of IFNα on iPSC-derived islet-like cells, used here to mimic islet cells in the early neonatal period when autoimmunity ag...

ea0097002 | Section | BES2023

Protein tyrosine phosphatase receptor kappa regulates glycolysis, lipid metabolism and promotes hepatocyte reprogramming in obesity

Eduardo H Gilglioni , Li Ao , Wadsen St-Pierre-Wijckmans , Tzu-Keng Shen , Israel Perez-Chavez , Garnik Hovhannisyan , Daria Ezerina , Michela Lisjak , Andre Dias , Javier Negueruela , Mamnez Julia Bauza- , Jose Maria Herranz , Stephane Demine , Zheng Feng , Thibaut Vignane , Lukas Otero , Flavia Lambertucci , Alena Prasnicka , Jacques Deviere , Jose Antonio Encinas , Sumeet Pal Singh , Joris Messens , Milos Filipovic , Eric Trepo , Hayley Sharpe , Wei Wu , Esteban N Gurzov

Fat accumulation, lipogenesis and glycolysis are key contributors to hepatocyte metabolic reprogramming and the pathogenesis of non-alcoholic liver fatty liver disease (NAFLD). The molecular mechanisms affected by steatosis and inflammation in the obese state remain unknown. Here we report that obesity leads to dysregulated expression of protein-tyrosine phosphatases in human livers. Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase Receptor Kappa (PTPRK) levels were increased in hepatocytes by st...