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ea0029oc17.5 | Diabetes Basic | ICEECE2012

Glucocorticoid receptor α expression is downregulated in gluteal subcutaneous adipose tissue of black South African women and associates with increased metabolic risk

Goedecke J. , Stimson R. , Livingstone D. , Hayes P. , Adams K. , Dave J. , Keswell D. , Evans J. , Victor H. , Lambert E. , Levitt N. , Kahn S. , Olsson T.

Introduction: Increased capacity for glucocorticoid regeneration in subcutaneous adipose tissue (SAT) by 11β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase-1 (11HSD1) is associated with obesity and associated risk factors. We hypothesised that down-regulation of SAT 11HSD1 and/or glucocorticoid receptor-α (GRα) may explain differences in body fat distribution and metabolic risk between black and white women. The study aimed to compare the expression of 11HSD1 and glucocorticoid r...

ea0029p53 | Adrenal cortex | ICEECE2012

Relationship of current glucocorticoid dose with metabolic outcomes in CAH: analysis of the United Kingdom congenital adrenal hyperplasia adult study executive (CaHASE) cohort

Han T. , Stimson R. , Rees A. , Krone N. , Willis D. , Wild S. , Conway G. , Arlt W. , Walker B. , Ross R. , CaHASE X.

We have previously reported the following metabolic abnormalities were common in 203 adult patients with CAH: obesity (41%), hypercholesterolemia (46%), insulin resistance (29%), osteopenia (40%) and osteoporosis (7%) (Arlt et al. JCEM 2010 95 5110–21). The CAH patients were taking different glucocorticoid therapies at various doses (n=196): hydrocortisone (n=25 M, 26 W), prednisolone (n=21M,67W), dexamethasone (n=15M,22W) or comb...

ea0021cm3.3 | Management of congenital adrenal hyperplasia across the lifespan | SFEBES2009

The adult with CAH: results of the UK congenital adrenal hyperplasia, adult study executive (CaHASE)

Ross R J , Willis D S , Wild S H , Krone N , Doherty E J , Han T S , Carroll P V , Conway G S , Rees D A , Stimson R H , Walker B R , Connell J C , Arlt W

Background: No treatment guidelines exist for CAH adults. To address this we have undertaken a cross-sectional analysis of health status.Patients and methods: Three hundred and eighty patients from 17 tertiary centres were contacted: 203 (53%) consented (138 f, 65 m, median age 34 (range 18–69) years). One hundred and sixty-five had classic and 34 non-classic CAH. The UK prevalence is 3591 adults >18 years therefore the capture rate was 5.7%. Re...