Searchable abstracts of presentations at key conferences in endocrinology

ea0020p685 | Signal Transduction | ECE2009

On the importance of the selenium status for the inflammatory response

Stoedter Mette , Renko Kostja , Behrends Thomas , Schomburg Lutz

Many endocrine disorders bear an immunological component and involve local cytokines as paracrine signals. Moreover, certain auto-antibodies appear as causative pathological agents in some of the most common endocrine diseases e.g. in type I diabetes mellitus or different forms of autoimmune thyroid disease (AITD). Recently, selenium (Se) status and selenoproteins have emerged as important modifiers of the inflammatory response, AITD or sepsis. Notably, mortality risk of patie...

ea0016p221 | Diabetes and cardiovascular diseases | ECE2008

SelS/Tanis controls insulin sensitivity and is regulated by acute phase and diet

Stoedter Mette , Renko Kostja , Kohrle Josef , Schomburg Lutz

Background: Selenoproteins contain the 21st proteinogenic amino acid selenocysteine (Sec) and exert important biological functions. Selenoprotein S (SelS) has only recently been identified and appears to be implicated in type 2 diabetes and inflammation. In vitro studies have shown that SelS expression is controlled by circulating cytokine and glucose levels. Mechanistically, SelS participates in the retro-translocation during quality control in the ER and the ER-associ...