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ea0032p290 | Clinical case reports - Thyroid / Others | ECE2013

Neurogenic hypertension as a case report

Nisic Tanja , Stojkovic Mira , Stojanovic Milos , Ciric Jasmina , Beleslin Biljana , Lalic Tiana , Zarkovic Milos , Trbojevic Bozo

Introduction: Neurogenic hypertension is associated with unilateral neurovascular compression of the brainstem and cranial nerves V, IX-X, VII, VIII. Causes may include nerve injury, vascular compression, tumors. Symptomatology seems hyperactive dysfunction syndrome of the cranial nerves. In the clinical picture, it can be seen trigeminal neuralgia, vertigo, tinnitus, hemifacial spasm, and in some cases hypertension.Case report: Female patient, 45 years ...

ea0041ep512 | Diabetes complications | ECE2016

Sympathetic dysfunction in patients with diabetes revealed by task force monitor

Nisic Tanja , Stojanovic Milos , Ilic Miroljub , Gostiljac Drasko , Popovic Srdjan , Stojkovic Mira , Beleslin Biljana , Savic Slavica , Barac Marija , Lalic Tiana , Ciric Jasmina , Zarkovic Milos

Introduction: It is common that patients with diabetes have a dominant parasympathetic dysfunction.Aim: Assessing the function of the autonomic nervous system in diabetic subjects.Methodology: Task force monitor was used for testing at rest and passive orthostasis evaluating baroreceptor sensitivity (BRS), spectrum variability of RR-interval of high frequencies HF RRI which is linked to the parasympathetic, low frequency variabilit...