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Reduced insulin clearance relates to increased liver fat content in recent-onset type 2 diabetes and to impaired glucose control in recent-onset type 1 diabetes

Antoniou Sofia , Zaharia Oana P , Bobrov Pavel , Strassburger Klaus , Karusheva Yanislava , Bodis Kalman , Kupriyanova Yuliya , Burkart Volker , Hwang Jong-Hee , Mussig Karsten , Gastaldelli Amalia , Roden Michael , Szendroedi Julia

Objective: Insulin clearance can be lower in longstanding insulin-resistant states, whereas hepatic insulin kinetics are not yet clear in newly diagnosed diabetes mellitus.Methods: Volunteers with type 1 (T1D; n=276, 66% male) or type 2 diabetes (T2D; n=451, 69%) and glucose-tolerant humans (CON; n=143, 65%) underwent hyperinsulinemic-euglycemic clamps to assess whole-body insulin sensitivity (M-value) and whole-body insulin cl...