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ea0021p326 | Reproduction | SFEBES2009

Female mice expressing constitutively active FSH receptor present with a phenotype of premature follicle depletion, premature aging and teratomas

Peltoketo Hellevi , Strauss Leena , Karjalainen Riikka , Zhang Meilin , Stamp Gordon , Segaloff Deborah , Poutanen Matti , Huhtaniemi Ilpo

Strong gain-of-function mutations have not been identified in humans in the FSH receptor (FSHR), while such mutations are common among many other G-protein-coupled receptors. In order to predict consequences of such mutations on humans, D580 (D6.44) mutant forms of mouse (m) FSHR were expressed under the human anti-Müllerian hormone promoter in transgenic mice. Transgenic expression of mFshrD580H in granulosa cells led to abnormal ovarian structur...

ea0022p258 | Developmental endocrinology | ECE2010

De novo cholesterol synthesis in developing mouse embryo is required for embryonic survival

Jokela Heli , Rantakari Pia , Lamminen Tarja , Strauss Leena , Ola Roxana , Gylling Helena , Miettinen Tatu , Pakarinen Pirjo , Sainio Kirsi , Poutanen Matti

Hydroxysteroid (17-β) dehydrogenase enzymes (HSD17Bs) have an important role in sex steroid hormone metabolism. They are known to catalyze reactions between highly active 17β-hydroxy steroids and less active 17-keto steroids. In addition to sex steroid metabolism, it is becoming evident that HSD17Bs have functions in other pathways as well, e.g. lipid and bile acid metabolism. HSD17B type 7 enzyme is known to catalyze in vitro the activation of estrone (E1) to...

ea0049gp167 | Obesity | ECE2017

A link between sex hormones, obesity and gut microbiota

Martinez-Chacon Gabriela , Munukka Eveliina , Kumar Himanshu , Pietila Sami , Saarinen Niina , Toivonen Raine , Salminen Seppo , Hanninen Arno , Strauss Leena , Makela Sari

Sex steroids are involved in the development of obesity and metabolic disorders. The interrelationship between sex steroid balance and metabolism is complex, and the underlying mechanisms are still unclear. The impact of gut microbiota in development of obesity, inflammation and metabolic dysregulation has been suggested in humans and demonstrated in mouse models. Less is known about the interactions between sex steroids and gut microbiota. Based on available evidence, it is, ...

ea0049ep692 | Obesity | ECE2017

Hydroxysteroid (17beta) dehydrogenase 13 knockout mice present with inflammation associated liver steatosis

Heikela Hanna , Adam Marion , Portius Dorothea , Maki-Jouppila Jenni , Mehmood Arfa , Adhikari Prem , Esposito Irene , Elo Laura , Zhang Fu-Ping , Ruohonen Suvi T , Strauss Leena , Foti Michelangelo , Poutanen Matti

: Hydroxysteroid (17beta) dehydrogenases (HSD17Bs) form a group of enzymes that are characterized by their sequence similarity at the active site, and their ability to catalyze the conversion between the weak 17keto- and the highly active 17beta-hydroxysteroids. To study the physiological role of HSD17B13, a lipid droplet associated protein, we characterized the phenotype of knockout (KO) mice deficient in HSD17B13 (HSD17B13KO). The data revealed normal serum sex steroid conce...