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ea0003p233 | Reproduction | BES2002

Semen profile, hormonal analysis and physiological activity of Pakistani men with varying degrees of sperm concentrations

Tahir F , Subhan F , Sultan S , Kazi B , Saeed|#Dil A , Ahmed M , Afzal M

Serum of infertile males and that of proven fathers (n=717) was analysed for the measurement of sperm concentration, serum LH, FSH and testosterone. Earlier, when classified on the basis of sperm count, 13% males turned out to be azoospermic, 15% oligozoospermic, 0.025% polyzoospermic and 42% normozoospermic in a five year analysis. Oligozoospermic subjects were further classified as mild, moderate and severe oligozoospermic. Hormonal analysis indicated normal levels of LH and...

ea0003p234 | Reproduction | BES2002

Effectiveness of antioxidant vitamin therapy in improving semen quality

Tahir F , Subhan F , Sultan S , Kazi B , Saeed|#Dil A , Ahmed M , Afzal M

Asthenozoospermia was seen in 43% patients (n = 516), either singly, or in combination with other semen disorders. For this study, 186 patients were divided into two groups of 93 patients each. In the treated group, the patients were advised vitamin A and E therapy for 12 weeks, while the placebo group was not administered anything. In all the patients in the treated group, sperm motility increased significantly (p < 0.05). The mean motility increase in the treated group w...