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ea0008p79 | Reproduction | SFE2004


Sunak N , Thurston LM , Michael AE

11BHSD1 is a NADP-dependant, bi-directional enzyme which inter-converts the glucocorticoid cortisol with its inactive metabolite cortisone. Follicular fluid (FF) from large antral ovarian follicles contains hydrophilic and hydrophobic compounds which stimulate and inhibit 11BHSD1 enzyme activities, respectively. The objective of this study was to assess whether levels of these enzyme modulators change in FF during development of porcine follicles. Pooled samples of FF, aspirat...

ea0011p717 | Reproduction | ECE2006

11β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase (11βHSD) activities in porcine granulosa cells from ovarian follicles and cysts

Sunak N , Sharp V , Abeydeera LR , Thurston LM , Michael AE

In the ovary, glucocorticoids are metabolised by 11βHSD enzymes. The bi-directional 11βHSD1 enzyme usually acts as an NADPH-dependent 11-ketoreductase to regenerate cortisol (F) from circulating cortisone (E), while 11βHSD 2 inactivates F using NAD+ as cofactor. Having isolated endogenous inhibitors of 11βHSD1 from porcine follicular fluid (pFF) and ovarian cysts, the aims of this study were to establish whether 11βHSD enzymes interconvert F...

ea0010p66 | Reproduction | SFE2005

11β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase (11βHSD) activities in the testis and reproductive tract of post-pubertal boars

Sharp V , Jonas K , Sunak N , Michael A , Thurston L

The enzymatic inactivation of cortisol is catalysed by isoforms of 11βHSD. 11βHSD1 is a bi-directional, NADP(H)-dependent enzyme whereas11βHSD2 is an NAD+-dependent dehydrogenase that inactivates cortisol. In the male rat, 11βHSD1 is highly expressed in the testis, epididymis, vas deferens and vesicular glands. Although 11βHSD activities have recently been reported in boar testicular tissue, cortisol metabolism in the boar reproductive tract...

ea0010p68 | Reproduction | SFE2005

Intra-follicular cortisol:cortisone (f:e) ratios in porcine antral follicles and ovarian cysts; relationship to ovarian modulators of type 1 11β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase (11βHSD1) activity

Sunak N , Sharp V , Wood P , Abeydeera L , Thurston L , Michael A

In the ovary, 11βHSD enzymes inter-convert cortisol (F) with its inert metabolite, cortisone (E). Porcine follicular fluid from antral follicles and spontaneous ovarian cysts contains hydrophobic compounds that inhibit NADP(H)-dependent cortisol metabolism by 11βHSD1. The aim of this study was to measure intra-follicular F:E ratios in porcine antral follicles and ovarian cysts, and determine whether F:E ratios correlate with the inhibition of 11βHSD1 by porcine ...