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ea0014p18 | (1) | ECE2007

Concentration of inflammatory factors such as CRP (acute phase response protein) and Interleukin (IL)-6 in serum patients with stable ischemic heart disease during trimetazidine treatment

Szkodzinski Janusz , Szewczyk Marek , Romanowski Wojciech , Danikiewicz Aleksander , Muc-Wierzgon Malgorzata , Zubelewicz-Szkodzinska Barbara

Background: The patomechanism of developing ischemic heart disease (i.h.d.) is stenosis of coronary blood vessels with plaque placed on vascular endothelium built with monocytes/macrophages, foam cells, oxidized LDL, leukocytes, platelets and collagen. Atherosclerotic lesions are heavily infiltrated by cellular components associated with inflammation and influenced by other inflammatory factors. Trimetazidine, a clinically effective antianginal agent acts by optimizing cardiac...