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ea0049ep606 | Diabetes therapy | ECE2017

Rabson mendenhall syndrome-a dilemma to treat in a resource poor country

Tabassum Shehla , Masood Qamar

Background: Rabson Mendenhall Syndrome (RMS) is a rare genetic syndrome that is caused by the mutation in the insulin receptor gene. Such mutation consequently results in severe insulin resistance. Patients suffering from RMS develop constant hyperglycemia from a progressive decline of endogenous insulin secretion. Drug therapy for RMS includes metformin, pioglitazones, large doses of insulin alongwith recombinant human methionyl leptin or IGF-1. Here we describe a case of RMS...

ea0049ep1016 | Pituitary - Clinical | ECE2017

Acromegaly: assessing the clinical outcome through a 10-year experience at a tertiary care hospital in Pakistan

Tabassum Shehla , Islam Najmul

Background: Acromegaly is due to excess Growth hormone (GH) production, usually as result of pituitary adenoma. The diagnosis is often preceded by around 5 years of active but unrecognized disease. Clinical expression of the disease in each patient depend on the levels of GH and Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1), age, tumor size, and the delay in diagnosis. Successful remission after Trans-sphenoidal surgery (TSS) is reported to be found in 52.5% of cases in the developed c...

ea0056p250 | Calcium & Vitamin D metabolism | ECE2018

Clinical outcome in primary hyperparathyroidism: A 10-year tertiary care centre experience in Pakistan

Tabassum Shehla , Naeem Ehsun , Iqbal Javed , Islam Najmul

Background: Primary hyperparathyroidism (PHPT) is characterized by abnormal regulation of PTH secretion by calcium. The most common clinical presentation of PHPT is asymptomatic (80% cases), followed less likely by the classical symptoms of bones, stones, abdominal moans, and psychic groans. The diagnosis of PHPT is usually first suspected because of the finding of an elevated serum calcium concentration along with a rise in Parathyroid hormone (PTH) level. Serum phosphorus le...

ea0037ep1302 | Clinical Cases–Thyroid/Other | ECE2015

Malignant ectopic thyroid tissue with distant metastasis: a case report

Tabassum Shehla , Islam Najmul , Fatimi Saulat Hasnain , Ikram Mubasher , Ahmed Arsalan , Zaman Maseehuz

Introduction: Ectopic thyroid tissue is the most common form of thyroid dysgenesis. But primary malignant transformation in ectopic thyroid tissue is quite a rare entity, with follicular malignancy being the dominant form at ectopic sites. Very infrequently, malignant ectopic thyroid tissue can present with metastasis to lymph nodes. But we report a case of malignant ectopic thyroid tissue over manubrium sterni with distant metastasis.Case presentation: ...