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ea0032p114 | Calcium and Vitamin D metabolism | ECE2013

Vitamin D supply in healthy women with different reproductive stages: is there any relationship with DBP levels?

Toldy Erzsebet , Locsei Zoltan , Horvath Dora Eszter , Koppany Csaba , Kovacs Klaudia , Tancsics Emanuela , Kalman Bernadette , Racz Karoly

The total 25-hydoxy-vitamin-D (t-25OHD) level reflects the supply of vitamin D, but is also influenced by the levels of 25OHD binding proteins (DBP). We aimed studying t-25OHD and bioavailable 25OHD (bio-25OHD) levels in healthy females with different reproductive ages.Methods: t-25OHD, bio-intact parathormone (PTHi-1–84) (ECLIA, cobas e411, Roche), DBP (turbidimetry, Dako), calcium and albumin (Alb) levels were measured by routine methods (Modular,...