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ea0070yi4 | Young Investigators | ECE2020

Evidence for increased SSTR5 expression and improved pasireotide response in USP8 mutant corticotroph tumours

Albani Adriana , Perez-Rivas Luis Gustavo , Sicheng Tang , Buchfelder Michael , Rotermund Roman , Flitsch Jörg , Losa Marco , Stalla Günter , Reincke Martin , Theodoropoulou Marily

The somatostatin analogue pasireotide is approved for the treatment of Cushing’s disease, where it achieves biochemical normalization in ~40% of patients. Predicting pasireotide resistance would help avoid unnecessary treatment. Pasireotide mediates its antisecretory action by binding to somatostatin receptor 5 (SSTR5). Almost half of corticotroph tumours carry mutations in the ubiquitin specific protease 8 (USP8) gene that encodes for a deubiquitinase. Pre...

ea0073oc8.1 | Oral Communications 8: Pituitary and Neuroendocrinology | ECE2021

Expression and putative role of 14–3-3 proteins in corticotroph tumours

Tang Sicheng , Perez-Rivas Luis Gustavo , Albani Adriana , Rotermund Roman , Flitsch Jörg , Honegger Jürgen , Rachinger Walter , Sigrun Röber , Herms Jochen , Reincke Martin , Theodoropoulou Marily

IntroductionSomatic USP8 mutations are found in around 50% of Cushing’s disease tumours and are located in a single mutational hotspot that contains the recognition site for 14–3-3. These proteins bind to phosphoserine recognition motifs to alter the function and location of their target proteins, and are deregulated in several cancers. AimTo explore the expression and function of 14–3-3 prot...