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ea0014p87 | (1) | ECE2007

Insulin-sensitivity and glycaemic control improve on rosuvastatin (RSV) treatment in hypertriglyceridaemic type-2 diabetes (T2DM)

Silvani Giorgio , Tartaglia Andreas , Acquati Silvia , Vacirca Anna Laura , Bondi Antonella , Gagliardi Lorenza , Nizzoli Maurizio

Aims: Studies on statins and insulin-sensitivity in T2DM are highly controversial. We aimed to evaluate the effect of RSV in type-2 diabetic people and whether its action may be phenotype-dependent, i.e. triglyceride (TG)-related (study approved by the local Ethical Committee).Methods: 48 type-2 diabetic pts (22 M:26 F), in a poor glycaemic control with oral agents, insulin or a combination therapy (unchanged over the study), were given RSV 10 mg for 12 ...