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ea0008gs5 | (1) | SFE2004

Biology and Therapeutic Potential of Neural Stem Cells

Minger SL , Webber DJ , Patel MJ , Taylor H , Ekonomou A

Cellular replacement therapy has already shown clinical efficacy in human patients with Parkinson's' and Huntington's diseases. However, this currently relies on a continuous supply of tissue from early first trimester human foetuses and therefore it will be difficult to translate into a widespread therapy. Neural stem cells are self-renewing cells found in both the developing and adult nervous system that can be expanded ex vivo in defined medium and differentiated into all t...

ea0005p116 | Endocrine Tumours and Neoplasia | BES2003

Dysregulated extra-renal synthesis of 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3: A novel cause of hypercalcemia associated with ovarian dysgerminomas

Evans K , Zehnder D , Kilby M , Taylor H , Hewison M

Hypercalcaemia is a prevalent complication in malignancies as a consequence of tumor secretion of parathyroid hormone related peptide (PTHrP). This complication is also associated with ovarian dysgerminomas but is much less common than for other tumours. To investigate this further we have studied 10 cases of dysgerminoma, assessing biochemical parameters and analysing mRNA and protein expression in tissue biopsies. Pathological reports show raised serum calcium and 1,25(OH)<s...