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ea0081rc8.5 | Rapid Communications 8: Calcium and Bone | ECE2022

Estradiol is the major sex steroid regulating bone marrow fat in both men and women: a study in transgender persons

Tebbens Marieke , Schutte Moya , Troelstra Marian , Nederveen Aart , den Heijer Martin , den Heijer Peter H

Background: Bone marrow fat is a unique fat depot that is regulated independently of other fat depots. Estradiol is an important regulator of bone marrow fat. This is illustrated by an increase in marrow fat fraction after menopause and a decrease following estradiol replacement. We hypothesize that estradiol is the major sex steroid that regulates bone marrow fat not only in women, but also in men.Methods: This is an open-label partly randomized interve...

ea0081rc1.5 | Rapid Communications 1: Diabetes, Obesity, Metabolism and Nutrition 1 | ECE2022

Sex steroids regulate liver fat content and body fat distribution in both men and women: a study in transgender persons

Tebbens Marieke , Schutte Moya , Troelstra Marian , Bruinstroop Eveline , de Mutsert Renee , Nederveen Aart , den Heijer Martin , Bisschop Peter H.

Objective: Visceral adipose tissue (VAT) and liver fat content are associated with insulin resistance and cardiovascular disease and show clear sex differences. Our objective is to determine the effect of estradiol and testosterone on VAT and liver fat content in trans women (assigned male at birth, identify as female) and trans men (assigned female at birth, identify as male).Design: Open-label partly randomized intervention study in 8 trans women and 1...

ea0056p981 | Steroid metabolism + action | ECE2018

Facial feminization/masculinization: the effect of hormone treatment in transpersons

Tebbens Marieke , Nota Nienke , Liberton Niels , Meijer Brigitte , Kreukels Baudewijntje , Forouzanfar Tim , Verdaasdonk Ruud , den Heijer Martin

Background: Facial feminization or masculinization is particularly important in transpersons, both for self-image and social interaction. Females tend to have a smaller, rounder face, with more prominent cheeks and males tend to have a larger, more square face with frontal bossing. It is unknown whether cross-sex hormones can change these features. However, transgenders themselves often report facial changes due to hormone treatment. Therefore we aim to objectify if hormone tr...

ea0056p982 | Steroid metabolism + action | ECE2018

Polycythemia in transmen – Prevalence, determinants and outcome in a large cohort

Dijk Dennis van , Wiepjes Chantal , Blok Christel de , Klaver Maartje , Nota Nienke , Tebbens Marieke , Heijer Martin den , Conemans Elfi

Introduction: Testosterone is known to have an effect on hematocrit levels, with polycythemia as an unwanted side effect. An increase in hematocrit levels is also seen in transmen after starting cross-sex hormonal treatment (CHT) with testosterone. The aim of this study is to investigate the effect of cross-sex hormonal treatment with testosterone on hematocrit levels in the context of the safety aspects of this treatment. The prevalence, determinants and outcome of secondary ...