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ea0041ep1024 | Thyroid (non-cancer) | ECE2016

Skin autofluorescence and serum carboxymethyllysine levels in hypothyroid and hyperthyroid patients

Yavuz Dilek Gogas , Yazici Dilek , Temizkan Sule

Levels of thyroid hormones may effect the levels of the glycation product and those of the oxidation products.Objective: To evaluate the relationship between skin autofluorescence (SAF), and serum advanced glycation end products (AGEs) parameters in hypothyroid and hyperthyroid patients.Method: Newlydiagnosed or untreated 100 overt and subclinical hypothyroid patients (42±13 yrs) and 50 overt-subclinical hyperthyroid patients ...

ea0056p1023 | Thyroid (non-cancer) | ECE2018

Percutaneous ethanol injection for benign cystic and mixed thyroid nodules

Ozderya Aysenur , Aydin Kadriye , Gokkaya Naile , Temizkan Sule

Background/aim: We aimed to determine the effect of percutaneous ethanol injection (PEI) on volume of cystic and mixt thyroid nodules, thyroid function tests (TFTs), antibody titers and cytological changes for 1 year.Methods: Fifty-five nodules of 53 patients with cystic and mixt properties treated with PEI were included. Nodule volumes, TFTs, thyroid autoantibodies were analyzed at baseline, 6th and 12th months. Fine needle aspirat...

ea0049ep289 | Calcium & Vitamin D metabolism | ECE2017

The results of parathormone assay in parathyroid aspirates in preoperative localization of parathyroid adenomas for focused parathyroidectomy in patients with negative or suspicious sestamibi scans

Ozderya Aysenur , Temizkan Sule , Cetin Kenan , Ozugur Sule , Gul Aylin Ege , Aydin Kadriye

Objective: In primary hiperparathyroidism (PHPT), increasing the number of patients treated by focused parathyroidectomy should be the main objective of pre-surgical imaging modalities. Suspicious or negative imaging results do not always mean multiglandular disease, most of the patients may single adenoma and therefore these patients may still benefit from focused parathyroidectomy.Methods: Retrospectively, we analyzed the data of 65 patients with PHPT ...

ea0037ep593 | Obesity and cardiovascular endocrinology | ECE2015

Is there a relationship between parathyroid hormone and obesity-linked disorders

Temizkan Sule , Demir Sevin , Aydin Kadriye , Ozturk Hilal Toplu , Ozderya Aysenur , Sargin Mehmet

Introduction: Accumulating evidence indicate that high PTH resulting from primary or secondary hyperparathyroidism, is associated with hypertension, insulin resistance, dyslipidaemia, obesity, and cardiovascular mortality. Here, we aimed to show whether high PTH levels in obese population contribute the metabolic complications of obesity.Methods/design: The medical records of all subjects attending the obesity outpatient clinic of Kartal Dr Lutfi Kirdar ...

ea0037ep948 | Thyroid (non-cancer) | ECE2015

High circulating levels of SICAM-1 and SVCAM-1 in patients with Hashimoto's thyroiditis

Ozderya Aysenur , Aydin Kadriye , Temizkan Sule , Abbasoglu Semra Dogru , Vural Pervin , Altuntas Yuksel

Objective: Elevated levels of the soluble adhesion molecules, sICAM-1 and sVCAM-1 reflect chronic inflammatory state. Increased levels of sICAM-1 and sVCAM-1 were demonstrated in various autoimmune thyroid diseases with abnormal thyroid function, but their clinical significance is undefined, especially in the euthyroid patients with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis (HT). Increased levels of soluble adhesion molecules are also associated with components of the metabolic syndrome li...

ea0032p919 | Pituitary – Clinical (<emphasis role="italic">Generously supported by IPSEN</emphasis>) | ECE2013

Transsphenoidal surgery, gamma-knife surgery and diabetes are the factors affecting the quality of life in acromegalic patients

Yalin Ayse Serap , Sancak Seda , Deyneli Oguzhan , Gunes Mutlu , Temizkan Sule , Yavuz Dilek Gogas , Akalin N. Sema

Generously supported by IPSEN)-->Acromegaly is a chronic disease with an important impact on patients, health-related quality of life (HRQoL). Acromegaly quality of life questionnaire (AcroQoL) is a disease-generated QoL questionnaire comprising 22 questions each having five possible responses scored 1–5, the maximum score of 110 reflecting best possible QOL, and quoted as a percentage. The 22 items break down into two categorie...

ea0022p410 | Endocrine tumours &amp; neoplasia (<emphasis role="italic">Generously supported by Novartis</emphasis>) | ECE2010

Evaluation of respiratory function in acromegalic patient

Serap Yalin Ayse , Sancak Seda , Temizkan Sule , Gunes Mutlu , Deyneli Oguzhan , Yavuz Dilek , Karakurt Sait , Sema Akalin Nefise

Acromegaly alters elasticity, structure and function of the respiratory system and respiratory disorders constitute 25% of all deaths recorded in acromegalic patients. Respiratory mortality is three fold higher than in normal subjects. However, respiratory dysfunction in acromegaly has seldom been investigated.We aimed to evaluate the extent of pulmonary dysfunction in acromegalic patients with respiratory function tests (RFT). Sixty one acromegalic pati...