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Profiling of activation patterns of placental mTOR in pregnancies complicated by gestational diabetes mellitus

Papadopoulou Anna , Valsamakis George , Thymara Irini , Laryngaki Anastasia , Theodorou Spyridoula , Grammatopoulos Dimitris , Papaevangelou Vasiliki , Mastorakos George

The mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR) is a serine kinase that couples energy and nutrient abundance to cell growth and is critically involved in the onset and progression of diabetes, cancer and ageing. Placental mTOR is involved in nutrient sensing and transfer to the fetus. Animal models suggest that placental mTOR is upregulated in pregnancies complicated by gestational diabetes (GDM). Our aim was to characterize expression, and cellular localization of mTOR and whether ...