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ea0035p608 | Endocrine tumours and neoplasia | ECE2014

Metastatic bone disease in patients with neuroendocrine tumors

Alexandraki Krystallenia , Chrysochoou Maria , Kaltsatou Maria , Chatzellis Eleftherios , Tsoli Marina , Boutzios Georgios , Thomas Dimitrios , Kaltsas Gregory

Objective: The prevalence of metastatic bone disease in patients with neuroendocrine tumours (NETs) and their response to first line treatment with biphosphonates.Methods: We studied 271 patients (141 females) with NETs: 54 gastric, nine duodenal, 102 pancreatic, 29 small intestine, 29 appendix, 14 colon, 15 lung, one thymic, 20 unknown primary and ten elsewhere. Since September 2012 all patients with NETs and bone metastases were recruited to receive 4 ...

ea0020p323 | Clinical case reports and clinical reports | ECE2009

Treatment of a case of metastatic thyroid cancer with sorafenib

Kaldrymides Philippos , Kostoglou-Athanassiou Ifigenia , Goudouvas Anastasios , Thomas Dimitrios , Tertipi Athanasia , Ziras Nikolaos

Although the prognosis of thyroid cancer is in general quite favorable when standard management paradigms are applied, some patients do much less well. Radioactive iodine refractory, recurrent or metastatic disease is prognostically more worrisome. Sorafenib, a multitargeted small molecule kinase inhibitor, including the VEGF receptor and BRAF kinase, has been evaluated in patients with thyroid cancer. The aim of the study was to present a case of metastatic thyroid cancer and...

ea0016p593 | Paediatric endocrinology | ECE2008

Final height and timing of menarche after treatment for idiopathic central precocious puberty (CPP)

Vlachopapadopoulou Elpis , Thomas Dimitrios , Karachaliou Feneli , Vakaki Marina , Kaldrymidis Philipos , Michalacos Stefanos

In true precocious puberty, the increased gonadal steroid secretion increases height velocity, somatic and psychosocial development, and the rate of skeletal maturation and can lead to short adult height. The aim is to assess the impact of suppression therapy of CPP with triptorelin on final adult height and the timing of menarche and pattern of menstrual cycle post-treatment.Materials and methods: Nineteen girls, with CPP, which had completed at least t...

ea0014p184 | (1) | ECE2007

Factors affecting height velocity (HV) during GnRH analog therapy in girls with central precocious puberty (CPP)

Thomas Dimitrios , Vlachopapadopoulou Elpis , Karachaliou Feneli , Vourliotaki Eirini , Kaldrimides Philippos , Michalakos Stefanos

Aim: To assess factors affecting HV during triptorelin suppression treatment for CPP.Materials and methods: Forty-six girls with CPP, with mean age at diagnosis 8.4 yrs who presented with signs and symptoms of puberty before the age of 8 years and were treated with triptorelin for at least 2 years, were studied. All girls were categorized into three groups according to the difference between bone age (BA) and chronological age (ΔBA-CA): group I with...

ea0037ep697 | Pituitary: basic and neuroendocrinology | ECE2015

Patients with neuroendocrine neoplasms: the experience of a referral centre in Greece

Alexandraki Krystallenia , Boutzios Georgios , Chatzellis Eleftherios , Thomas Dimitrios , Chrysochoou Maria , Tsoli Marina , Kaltsatou Maria , Nikolopoulos Georgios , Moschouris Panagiotis , Kaltsas Gregory

Introduction: Neuroendocrine neoplasms (NENs) are rare and heterogeneous neoplasms with variable biological behaviour but generally slow progression.Methods/design: 355 patients with NENs registered in our data-base have been studied (166 females, mean age: 52 years; range: 11–88), during the period 2004–2014. TNM system has been used for staging and proliferation index Ki-67 for grading.Results: Out of 355 patients, 35 (...

ea0022p445 | Endocrine tumours &amp; neoplasia (<emphasis role="italic">Generously supported by Novartis</emphasis>) | ECE2010

The use of receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitors in metastatic differentiated thyroid carcinoma

Gkountouvas Anastasios , Kostoglou-Athanassiou Ifigenia , Veniou Eirini , Thomas Dimitrios , Aggelopoulou Anastasia , Nikas Marios , Ziras Nicolaos , Kaldrymides Philippos

The management of metastatic differentiated thyroid carcinoma included until recently the use of therapeutic 131I, radiotherapy and in specific cases chemotherapy. However, recently new agents entered in the management of differentiated metastatic thyroid carcinoma which aim at specific cell receptors and inhibit the growth of the carcinoma in a specific and targeted way.The aim was to present the experience of the use of the receptor tyrosine...

ea0022p854 | Thyroid | ECE2010

Differentiated thyroid carcinoma in young adults

Gkountouvas Anastasios , Kostoglou-Athanassiou Ifigenia , Pappas Anastasios , Veniou Eirini , Nikas Marios , Aggelopoulou Anastasia , Thomas Dimitrios , Kaldrymides Philippos

Differentiated thyroid carcinoma represents a small percentage of human carcinomas. However, it is the commonest endocrine neoplasm and if diagnosed and treated properly does not affect the long-term survival of the patients.Aim: The aim was to study differentiated thyroid carcinoma affecting young adults.Patients and methods: All patients presenting with thyroid carcinoma to the department from 01.01.2002 to 31.12.2008 were review...

ea0020p285 | Clinical case reports and clinical reports | ECE2009

Treatment of metastatic medullary thyroid carcinoma with sorafenib

Kaldrymides Philippos , Kostoglou-Athanassiou Ifigenia , Goudouvas Anastasios , Veniou Eirini , Bakola Theodosia , Agelopoulou Anastasia , Thomas Dimitrios , Ziras Nikolaos

Medullary thyroid carcinoma is an uncommon malignancy of hereditary and sporadic presentation. Mutations in the RET-protooncogene are involved in the pathogenesis of >50% of the sporadic cases. Currently, there is no effective treatment for metastatic medullary thyroid carcinoma. The aim was to present a case of metastatic medullary thyroid carcinoma that was treated by the administration of sorafenib, a multiple kinase inhibitor.A patient, female ag...

ea0016p814 | Thyroid | ECE2008

Mixed papillary, poorly differentiated and anaplastic thyroid carcinoma

Kostoglou-Athanassiou Ifigenia , Goudouvas Anastasios , Thomas Dimitrios , Bakola Theodosia , Veniou Eirini , Batika Pelagia , Athanassiou Panagiotis , Kaldrymidis Philippos

Well differentiated thyroid carcinoma is associated with prolonged survival in terms of decades and anaplastic carcinoma is associated with survival in months. Intermediate malignancy with a more guarded prognosis is also known to exist.The aim was to describe the case of a patient with a mixed papillary, poorly differentiated and anaplastic thyroid carcinoma.A female patient, aged 73 years presented with a multinodular goiter and ...

ea0014p384 | (1) | ECE2007

The effect of nodule size on diagnostic efficacy in fine needle aspiration biopsy of thyroid nodules

Thomas Dimitrios , Kostoglou-Athanassiou Ifigenia , Vassiliou Emmanouil , Liakos Vassilios , Chatzimarkou Fotini , Pappas Anastasios , Athanassiou Panagiotis , Kaldrymidis Philippos

Fine needle aspiration is used extensively in the diagnostic evaluation of thyroid nodules. However, its diagnostic efficacy may be reduced by non-diagnostic findings. The aim was to study the effect of nodule size on the diagnostic efficacy of ultrasound-guided fine needle aspiration biopsy in thyroid nodules.Ultrasound-guided fine needle aspiration biopsy was performed in 210 patients with thyroid nodules. Cytology results were compared to nodule size....