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ea0029s38.2 | Craniopharyngioma: Hypothalamic complications | ICEECE2012

Hypothalamic disorders in Clinical practice; relevance to clinical practice

Thompson C J

Craniopharyngioma (CP) is associated with considerably higher mortality and morbidity than pituitary adenomas. The tumours are rare, but present a considerable management challenge. In addition to the endocrine and mass effects which are common to all tumours arising from the region of the pituitary fossa, the site, size, and sometimes the treatment of CP, dictate that the endocrinologist must also manage hypothalamic complications. Endocrinologists are aware of the high frequ...

ea0029mte9 | (1) | ICEECE2012

Diagnosis and management of SIADH

Thompson C. J.

Hyponatraemia is the commonest electrolyte abnormality in clinical practice; epidemiological data would suggest that SIAD is the commonest cause of hyponatraemia, and it is particularly important in patients undergoing neurosurgery, in whom SIAD is common. Recent data has shown that even mild hyponatraemia (plasma sodium 125–135 mmol/l) is associated with gait instability, falls, fractures, osteoporosis and increased mortality. This has led to the recognition that correct...

ea0038p313 | Pituitary | SFEBES2015

A prospective observational study of the causation and management of SIADH in a tertiary referral hospital

Yunus Saba , Questa Martin , Slattery David , Gupta Saket , Tormey William , Thompson C J

Background: SIADH is the most frequent underlying cause of hyponatraemia but is frequently ignored and suboptimally treated.Aim: To identify the treatment applied in clinical practice for hyponatraemia due to SIADH and to evaluate the effect of fluid deprivation.Method: A prospective, non-intervention observational study of a sequentially evaluated cohort of hyponatraemic patients during first 48 h after hospitalization from Januar...

ea0037ep196 | Reproduction, endocrine disruptors and signalling | ECE2015

Endocrinopathies associated with lithium therapy in an Irish tertiary referral centre

Dineen Rosemary , Bogdanet Delia , Thompson C J , Thompson D , Boran Gerard , Gibney James , Keane Veronica , Sherlock Mark

Lithium is used in psychiatric practice as maintenance therapy in bipolar disorder. It has a narrow therapeutic index with serious toxic potential. Lithium is associated with multiple endocrine and metabolic disturbances but data regarding the rates of these in individual patients is lacking. In a tertiary referral centre, all patients on lithium therapy from 2000 to 2014 were identified. The aim of this study was to assess the impact of lithium therapy on the development of e...