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ea0097017 | Section | BES2023

Unilateral mydriasis as a first presentation of pituitary macroadenoma

Tim Ailliet , Axelle Cools , Haecke Helena Van , Nikolaas Vantomme , Sylvie Vandelanotte , Bruel Annick Van Den

Background: Pituitary adenomas are the most prevalent tumours in the sellar region and can either be functioning, with autonomous pituitary hormone secretion, or non-functioning. Clinically evident adenomas occur in 1 in 1,100 in the general population. Pituitary adenomas have traditionally been subdivided into microadenomas (<10 mm) or macroadenomas (≥ 10 mm), with macroadenomas comprising 48% of clinically relevant adenomas. Non-functioning pituita...