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ea0078OC9.6 | Oral Communications 9 | BSPED2021

’Think Adrenal’: An innovative trust-wide safety and education programme designed for the care of patients with adrenal insufficiency

Tollerfield Sally , Atterbury Abigail , Wadey Hannah , Katugampola Harshini

Over 700 patients with known adrenal insufficiency are treated across the trust. Whilst unwell or fasting for a procedure, these patients potentially risk suffering an adrenal crisis. A flagging system has already been implemented on the electronic patient records (EPR) which identifies patients who are ‘on replacement Hydrocortisone’. Following an inpatient adrenal crisis which could have been more optimally managed, we sought to highlight care of this vulnerable co...

ea0066oc4.1 | Oral Communications 4 | BSPED2019

Mortality after childhood growth hormone treatment in the UK – the SAGhE study

Cooke Rosie , Swerdlow Anthony , Clayton Peter , Tollerfield Sally , Butler Gary

Background: Recombinant human growth hormone (r-hGH) has been used for more than 30 years and indications for r-hGH have multiplied worldwide. There has been concern that it might raise mortality, but published data are limited.Methods: The cohort comprised of 3902 UK patients over 18 years of age in 2009, treated with childhood r-hGH at all the major UK growth centres. The total European cohort was 24 232 from eight countries (including the UK), with > ...

ea0085p4 | Adrenal 1 | BSPED2022

Establishing the utility of the 60-minute serum cortisol sample in a standard synacthen test in a tertiary paediatric centre

Tollerfield Sally , Ridout Deborah , Atterbury Abigail , Wadey Hannah , Amin Rakesh , Gan Hoong-Wei , Katugampola Harshini

Background: The standard synacthen test (SST) is commonly utilised to interrogate the hypothalamo-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis in children. It comprises baseline and 30-minute serum cortisol concentrations (SCC), after injecting synthetic adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH)[1–24]. There is debate regarding the utility of a 60-minute SCC in the SST protocol with most studies to date conducted in adults.Aim: To assess the utility of a 60-minute SCC in ...

ea0085p1 | Adrenal 1 | BSPED2022

Recommendations for hydrocortisone doses for emergency management and peri-operative care for childhood adrenal insufficiency. BSPED consensus guidelines

Mushtaq Talat , Ali Salma , Boulos Nabil , Boyle Roisin , Cheetham Tim , Davies Justin , Elder Charlotte , Gan Hoong-Wei , Hindmarsh Peter , Katugampola Harshini , Kerr Stephanie , Krone Nils , Salomon Estebanez Maria , Shenoy Savitha , Tollerfield Sally , Choong Wong Sze , Regan Fiona

Adrenal insufficiency (AI) is characterised by lack of cortisol production from the adrenal glands which is treated with replacement doses of hydrocortisone. At times of physiological stress there is an increased requirement for exogenous glucocorticoids, which if untreated can lead to an adrenal crisis. Currently there are no unified guidelines for those <18 years old in the UK; this can lead to a substantial variation in the management of AI in both an emergency and peri...