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ea0084ps1-01-05 | COVID & Thyroid Disease | ETA2022

Subacute thyroiditis and COVID-19 vaccination

Tovmasyan Meline , Khroyan Armine , Aghajanova Elena , Tadevosyan Artashes

Aim: The aim of this study is to find out whether Subacute Thyroiditis may occur after Covid -19 Vaccination.Materials and methods: This investigation was designed and held in “Kanaker-Zeytun” Medical Center and “Muratsan” University Hospital. 25 women (age: 35±7) with proved diagnoses of Subacute Thyroiditis were included in the study. The detailed history of disease was collected in order to understand how many of them survived C...

ea0084ps1-01-06 | COVID & Thyroid Disease | ETA2022

The peculiarities of the subacute thyroiditis treatment course during the COVID-19

Khroyan Armine , Aghajanova Elena , Tadevosyan Artashes , Tovmasyan Meline

The Purpose of The Research: The aim of the study is to reveal whether there are any peculiarities of treatment of the subacute thyroiditis, which was caused by Covid-19.Materials and Methods: The research has been conducted in “Muratsan” Hospital Complex and Armenian-American Wellness Center during 2020-2021. Among forty five patients who participated in the study were women about 35+10 years old and all of them were diagnosed with subacute th...