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ea0025oc5.8 | Reproduction and fetal programming | SFEBES2011

Altered fetoplacental growth in monocarboxylate transporter 8 (Mct8) knockout mice

Vasilopoulou Elisavet , Heuer Heike , Trajkovic Marija , Loubiere Laurence , McCabe Christopher , Franklyn Jayne , Kilby Mark , Chan Shiao

The plasma membrane thyroid hormone (TH) transporter, MCT8, is present in the human placenta from early gestation and is postulated to participate in transplacental transfer of TH. In vitro, MCT8 overexpression decreases the survival of human cytotrophoblast in a TH-independent manner.Objective: To examine the role of Mct8 in fetoplacental growth using the Mct8 knockout (ko) mouse model.Methods: Heterozygous females were mat...