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ea0032p336 | Developmental Endocrinology | ECE2013

Effects of pharmacological and genetic manipulation of glucocorticoids during early development of the zebrafish embryo

Wilson Kathryn , Matrone Gianfranco , Tucker Carl , Hadoke Patrick , Kenyon Christopher , Mullins John , Denvir Martin

Background: The effects of glucocorticoids (GC) on the developing zebrafish embryo (Zfe) are poorly characterised. We have assessed the effects of pharmacological and genetic manipulation of cortisol and glucocorticoid receptors (GR) on global development and stress response during the first 120 hpf.Methods: Cortisol production was modulated by inhibiting the enzyme 11b hydroxylase using morpholino gene knockdown (MO) or incubation in the drug metyrapone...