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ea0032p48 | Adrenal cortex | ECE2013

Glucose tolerance in Cushing’s disease

Rachdi Imene , Haouat Emna , Ben Salem Leila , Kamoun Ines , Turki Zinet , Ben Slama Claude

Cushing disease (CD) is a rare affection due to an ACTH secreting pituitary adenoma with a hypercorticism as main consequence.The aim of this study was to assess glucose tolerance anomalies in CD.Patients: Twenty-one patients with a diagnosed CD were included; The majority of them (77.3%; n=17) were female. Mean age was 34.2 (19–54 years) and mean BMI 31.9 kg/m2 (25.9–43.7). Mean progression period of ...

ea0032p438 | Diabetes | ECE2013

Assessment of hypoglycemia risk factors in insulin treated patients

Maiza Mouna , Haouat Emna , Turki Zinet , Kandara Hajer , Salem Leila Ben , Slama Claude Ben

Achieving glycemic targets is crucial in the management of diabetes mellitus. Insulin is the most effective hypoglycemic treatment for diabetes but its use can be associated with a risk of hypoglycemia.The aim of this study is to specify risk factors of hypoglycemia in insulin-treated patients.Patients and methods: This transversal study included 69 patients. They were females in 49.4% of cases (n=41). Mean age was 52 year...

ea0032p590 | Female reproduction | ECE2013

Gynecological aspects of prolactinoma

Abdesselem Haifa , Haouat Emna , Salem Leila Ben , Kandara Hajer , Turki Zinet , Slama Claude Ben

Prolactinoma is a pituitary adenoma producing prolactin. Central hypogonadism is a major consequence of prolactinoma leading, in women, to menstrual troubles and infertility. The aim of this study was to specify gynecological characteristics of prolactinomas.Patients: This retrospective study included 28 female patients with prolactinoma. Mean age at diagnosis was 35.46 years (ext: 20–78). Mean serum prolactin level was 3442.4 ng/ml (ext: 31.9–...

ea0032p613 | Female reproduction | ECE2013

Mechanisms of menstrual disorders in type1 diabetic women

Kammoun Ines , Wassai Ikram , Kandara Hajer , Kacem Faten Haj , Turki Zinet , Ben Slama Claude

Introduction: Type 1 diabetic women have generally more menstrual disorders than healthy women.Objectives: Identify the main mechanisms responsible of menstrual disorders in type1 diabetic women.Patients and methods: We conducted a comparative transversal study including 70 patients with type 1 diabetes: Thirty-three having menstrual disorders (group M) and 37 with regular menses (control group T).We compared...

ea0032p949 | Pituitary – Clinical (<emphasis role="italic">Generously supported by IPSEN</emphasis>) | ECE2013

Prolactinoma: does the size affect the signs?

Abdesselem Haifa , Haouat Emna , Salem Leila Ben , Laanani Amira , Turki Zinet , Slama Claude Ben

Introduction: Generously supported by IPSEN)-->Prolactinoma is the commonest pituitary adenoma. The aim of this study was to compare clinical, biological and radiological characteristics in microprolactinoma and macroprolactinoma.Patients: This retrospective study included 33 patients with prolactinoma. The tumor was a microadenoma (<1 cm) in 27.3% (n=9) and a macroadenoma in 72.7% (n=24) ...