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ea0025p93 | Clinical biochemistry | SFEBES2011

Psychiatric illness: a cause and hurdle to management of nephrogenic diabetes insipidus

Turner Lisa , Tarigopula Giridhar , Koulouri Olympia , Kong Marie-France

A 54-year-old lady with a 27-year history of schizoaffective disorder presented with shaking episodes, polyuria and polydipsia. She was found to have a serum sodium of 157 mmol/l. Of note, she had been on lithium for several years but this had been stopped three months previously as her serum sodium was raised at 156 mmol/l.On admission her lithium level was undetectable, confirming no recent use. Serum osmolality was 343 mOsm/kg and urine osmolality 82 ...

ea0025p193 | Endocrine tumours and neoplasia | SFEBES2011

Prevalence and follow-up of adrenal incidentalomas after CT renal colic

Koulouri Olympia , Turner Lisa , Tarigopula Giridhar , Kong Marie-France

Introduction: CT renal tract is commonly requested by the urologists for suspected renal colic as it is recognized as the most accurate technique for the detection of ureteric stones. However, follow-up of adrenal incidentalomas identified on such scans could pose a challenge for the non-endocrinologist. We investigated the prevalence and follow-up of incidentally discovered adrenal masses after CT renal colic.Methods: We looked through the reports of al...

ea0025p95 | Clinical biochemistry | SFEBES2011

Cyclical Cushing's or poorly controlled diabetes in an insulin resistant patient?

Kong Marie-France , Tarigopula Giridhar , Koulouri Olympia , Turner Lisa , Gregory Robert

A 30-year-old Caucasian lady was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in July 2005 on an oral glucose tolerance test and was treated with metformin. Sixteen months later she presented with urinary symptoms and was noted to have 2+ ketonuria. Her blood glucose was 13.4 mmol/l. Her BMI was 26 kg/m2 and she was noted to have Cushingoid habitus and acanthosis nigricans. Her blood pressure was normal. Her serum sodium was 130 mmol/l, potassium 3.7 mmol/l and bicarbonate 8 mmol...